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Here you will find your ever growing resource that attempts to catalog and provide information about every Avon collectible.  Yes – a very daunting task.

Avon first began doing business in 1886, then known as the California Perfume Company, with the company changing its name to ‘Avon’ in 1939. Avon’s founder, David McConnell, during a trip to England was enchanted by the beauty at Stratford upon Avon – and that is where the name Avon came from.

With many decades of selling perfume, cosmetics, and many other products, the number of Avon Collectibles is immense.

This also means you can find the perfect gift, investment or collectible!

So dig in and find your treasures to add to your collection.

Avon Fostoria

Avon Fostoria

Avon Christmas Ornaments

Avon Christmas Ornaments

Avon Perfume Bottle

Avon Perfume Bottle

Avon Handbags

Avon Handbags

Avon Watch

Avon Watch

Avon Cookie Jar

Avon Cookie Jar

Avon Volkswagen Bottle

Avon Volkswagen Bottle

Avon Horse Bottle

Avon Horse Bottle

Avon Cat Bottles

Avon Cat Bottles

Avon Necklaces

Avon Necklaces

Avon Beer Steins

Avon Beer Steins

Avon Cape Cod Glass

Avon Cape Cod Glass

With Avon collecting you decide whether to do it as a hobby – perhaps collecting everything you can find of a certain type of bottle or other product.

Or, you can collect Avon as an investment. As an investor, select a budget and be ready to strike quick if you see a deal. Then make sure you carefully store and protect your investment for the long-term.

There are thousands of other Avon collectors. This results in a continuous stream of collectible items being available. As with any collectible, some items are rarely available. And, sometimes, a person not aware of the value of Avon products makes something available that is severely underpriced.

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  1. Pam Morton says:

    We have an extensive collection of Avon cars from when our Grandma sold Avon from 60’s or 70’s. Some still have cologne in them and a few are in boxes. In total, about 80. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to sell them?

  2. Paulette Berg says:

    My mother was an Avon rep. from 1923 (it was California Perfume Co. then) until 2000. She had the distinction of being the representative with the longest number of years for continuous selling. I have many boxes of various items, some in boxes, some empty, some full. There’s a huge variety dating back many years. Would very much like to sell either by piece or the lot. I can be contacted at bergpaulette@hotmail.com

  3. Mandy Scott says:

    I have 2 pieces i would like to sell.
    1. 1976 limited edition #107089 beer stein. Has woodland animals on it. No damage to stein.Lid broke but all pieces are there.
    2. 1977 limited edition #417155 beer stein. Has sailing ships. No damage.
    Let me know if interested! Live on Oklahoma

  4. Sharon Johnson says:

    I am selling my mothers Avon.

    She has over 500 pieces.
    Some in boxes and some not.

    Make an offer will not seperate

    I am located Streamwood IL.

  5. chrissie says: says:

    I have avon cape cod for sale 2candle holders, 2 glasses with steams salt and pepper and a cruet.

  6. Gail Williams says:

    Looking to purchase Avon “Santa’s Sleigh Ride” Light-up Musical Ornament, working or non working. Not sure of the year but it came in the red box with “The Gift Collection” notation on the bottom. Do not need to have the box.

  7. Edie F. says:

    I am looking for the Avon Collectibles Christmas ornament, 1995, Baby’s First Christmas. It was a flat, ceramic carousel horse. My son died last year and his ornament broke during hurricane Katrina. I would really like to find it to have another precious memory of him.

  8. Akina says:

    I have for sale 2014 Mrs.Albee Full Size mint condition with box 75.00, 2004 Mrs.Albee Award Full Size with box 30.00, 2003 Mrs.Albee Full Size Figurine Full Size with box 25.00, 2007 Mrs. Albee Award 40th Anniversary with box 35.00, 2006 Mrs. P.F.C Albee miniature 15.00 with box, 2000 Mrs. Albee Miniature with box 25.00 all are in mint condition have papers please respond if any or all are wanted will negotiate a better price for all collectibles 200.00 individually priced as written

  9. Darren Whynot / Lisa Tarr says:

    I have For sale a 1876 Cap Cod by glass by avon 14 pc total 2 small candle stick holders,2 large candle stick holders,2 mugs with pedestal base ,1 butter dish,1 cruet with glass stopper, 1 glass bowl,1 wine decanter,2 wine glass goblet,2 pedestal flower vase,and one 1976 blue glass decanter bell email located Liverpool queens county nova scotia plowking1972@hotmail.com

  10. Chris Smith says:

    This may be off topic, but I need to try…

    Help me make my wife happy!

    She has a beloved Avon brush from the ’80s, but it is losing its teeth one by one. I would so love to replace it. She’s tried lots of others, but always comes back to this one.

    It’s the “Vent Brush for Quick Drying” from Avon’s Natural Performance Collection. Wanted it to be a Mother’s day present, but that’s passed so I’m trying for an upcoming birthday. Anyone with a lead (or idea where to look beyond eBay and the sites listed here), please email me at “brush @ fabrilis.net”. (brush@fabrilis.net if this site allows mail links)

    Thank You!

    • Marie Gill says:

      Hello Chris. I am sorry your having trouble. There is Amazon or you can go into vintage collections on any site to see if its there. If its made by Avon (depending on year), it might be here. If not try those or in your search engine type vintage …….. Sometimes the problem is that Avon did not make it but, were the distributors. I will look for you as I am searching for the lighthouse (lighted) pendant necklace and chain.

  11. Kimberly says:


  12. Monique says:

    How does someone know exactly if something is an Avon collectible. my mom has sold Avon for as far back as I can remember and I’ve got some stuff that I’m wondering if it’s considered a collectible or not.
    I also have a few items that I’m not sure if came from Avon or not, does anybody knows Avon ever got into selling fiber optic stuff like ornaments or musical items with the little tiny fibre optic lights on them. Thanks in advance.

    • Pat Burnett says:

      I have over 50 bottles of ?Avon with perfume and boxes. Some of the boxes are not in the greatest shape because they were not well. I would like to sell them. Let me know if you are interested.

    • Marie Gill says:

      Yes they did. I am searching for a lighthouse pendant and chain that really lights up. I am probably around your moms age. If you send me a picture I can tell you. Also, I have had many friends that sold Avon for years like your mom. It was popular back then and women were finding it hard in the workplace so it was a way to become independent.

  13. Lynda Namie says:

    My mom sold Avon in the 1970’s and had a huge territory in the Almaden Valley, and she collected a lot of pieces over the years I have stuff dating back to 1972 in brand new condition in original packaging with original contents. I’m working on a spread sheet of all the items. I have a lot of perfume decanters, Fostoria, Cape Cod and more. Feel free to email willing to sell individually or as lots. Lnamie1@bellsouth.net.

  14. Crystal and keith says:

    I have a large collection of all kinds of Avon decanters/bottles, ranges from cars to unicorn perfume bottles. I am selling them, If you are interested in any Avon decanters/bottles email me crystalsmith@att.net and I will send pictures. or you can call either Keith (601-7952285) or me (Crystal)(985-718-7922).

  15. Mikele says:

    I have several boxes of Avon Beer Steins unused with certificates. If interested please call me at 408-779-7021.

  16. Tanisha says:


    I have a lot of vintage avon stuff still in the box and original packaging. The boxes are dusty but the products are in great condition and most have never been open. I have cadillac, model T, Trojan Horse, Snoopy, etc. Email me for pictures and if you would like to buy

  17. Lara says:

    I have the entire collection of American Heritage Hostess Service set. It is crystal with silver banding that was given as prizes for campaigns. The pieces consist of 8 rock glasses, footed fruit bowl, three bowl chip and dip set, compote, pitcher, relish dish. My husband’s Aunt was a Avon lady for many years and we have lots of things she won and had in her house. We also some Christmas Plates starting from 1973. We would like to sell the Crystal for 150.00 dollars

  18. Pat H says:

    I have about 25 of the Avon beer steins – all in great condition, but not in original boxes. We’re retiring and down sizing, so they’ll need to go. Prices will be very reasonable. Buy one, or buy them all. I can provide a list upon request. Thank you!

  19. mary says:

    I have a 1993 talking pretty telephone still in it’s box i can not find anything about it i would like to know it’s worth it must be hard to find I have not been able to find one and have looked for days on line

  20. connie says:

    i would like 2 sell the mothers day plates contact me at racingmama2@gmail.com

  21. connie says:

    i have the mothers day plates if any one is interested

  22. Donald says:

    I have several Avon decanters, empty, but most in great shape. I would like to get info on them. ie. year made or originally sold. Not interested in selling them. thanks

  23. Cindy says:

    My mother passed away and she has a collection of Beer Steins, Avon porcelain dolls unwrapped and Presidents Club award, how do I find buyers for these collectibles?

  24. Linda T. says:

    April 5,2015 ,I am downsizing and need to sell entire collection of Avon Steins 46 large and 12 small. Pricing is negotiable !

  25. J. S. Marshall says:

    My Mother was an avid doll collector. She is now 98 years old and has decided to distribute her collection among her grands and great-grand daughters. My granddaughter is one of the recipients- receiving 6 of the dolls. One in particular is an Avon African-American doll in a white satin gown; beautiful upsweep hair entwined in a most unusual elegant coif; also a 2 strand pearl necklace; white satin dress shoes. The back of the doll is inscribed with “Source Of Fine Collectibles” – with the Avon letters engraved in her back. Are there similar dolls available and does anyone know it’s value? Certainly would like to learn more about this particular doll. Thanks!!!

  26. cindy says:

    my uncle just passed away and he collected Avon aftershave decanters. I would like to sell them. I have a list of them if anyone is interested. my email is c_matson@yahoo.com

  27. Cheryl says:

    I have @ 30+ Avon Steins for sale 1976 to 1999 some with boxes. All very good condition. there are two each of the small Steins 1990 and 1992 Endangered Species series. My email; moonbeamta77@gmail.com


    I have one of a kind green truck 70dys, avon molded name sideways on bottle. only one in world. I worked at maker glass company, mold was put in wrong only one surrived I personally saved it. you will never find another one rare rare rare. best offer over 5,000 firm ED @ mreds46@gmail.com

  29. Jerry says:

    My name is Jerry. My brother had a collection of various Avon decanters and upon his passing, I have kept them packed away. As I am getting older I am trying to reduce all my belongings since I will be retiring and relocating and cannot take all my stuff with me. If anyone is interested in these Avon items, please contact me at: bigolebugg@comcast.net
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  30. Irene says:

    My mother collected Avon for years? She also sold Avon for about 30 years. She kept most everything in boxes – saying that one day they would be worth a lot. She made presidents club all through the years and has collected her awards. If anyone would be interested in any Avon items please email me I do not have time to put them on EBay or want to. She has passed and I have held them for sentimental reasons. I’m getting older and my kids have no interest in them. I will send pictures per requests.

  31. rickie says:

    While metal detecting I found a blue tube that says “avon lather shaving ceam” above the title it has what looks like an old carriage. I was curious how old it is and couldn’t find anything on the internet.

  32. Jeanne says:

    I have one black Volkswagen after shave bottle for sale.

  33. Jan says:

    Wo have 1500 to 2000 pieces of Avon our mother collected over the years. We have to find a buyer or will be forced to put them in the trash. Please help! Call 701-290-0797

  34. Tracey says:

    I have a lot of about 20 Avon automobile cologne bottles that are still in their original boxes. I will only sell them all together not individually. I am asking between $100-$150 Please contact me with any interest. Thanks


  35. Patti Brady says:

    I have a cobalt blue Avon bell with silver colored handle….it’s for sale.

    970 749 3079

  36. Eileen says:

    Would like to know if they made a sugar bowl to go with the George Washington cobalt blue set. my mom said they did. Can not seem to find it anywhere. Help was going to be a Christmas gift. Thank-you

  37. Susan Dudek says:

    I have the Avon white ceramic ornaments 1980 wreath, 1981 dove, 1982 angel, & 1983 snowflake all white ornaments with gold date printed on each. I’d like to know what they’d be worth . . . I look at the
    Listed ornaments & only found the angel with no value listed.
    Thank you,
    Susan Dudek

  38. Donna Adkins says:

    I have over 300 items collected from 1969 through 1984 of Avon. There are several “Awards” items that were made and awarded to the top Avon Representatives each year. I also have several of the seasonal collector plates and many Steins. There is a car collection, Pipe Collection and Gun Collection included. Looking for a buyer. Please reply if interested.

  39. bobbi says:

    55 HUGE boxes of old AVON products, awards, collector plates, steins, cars, dolls, + brochures .Over 2000 items to sell..Former Rep/Mgr.

  40. jan says:

    I have a collector keepsake still with original perfume(smells old :-0) It has the original box it came in as well, it was sold in1976, AVON California Perfume Co. anniversary keepsake on front of it, anyone interested? Also has the History on back of box about David H McConnell and how he founded the California Perfume Co in 1886 and goes on to tell history of how Avon Products Inc. got named in 1939….Oh, the name of the Perfume in the bottle was Moonwind Cologne.

    • Anirho says:

      Hello, I saw your post about the 1976 Anniversary Edition California Perfume. I won a
      bottle with that name exactly on ebay and just wanted to know what it smells like ? I saw you had said Moonwind ? Is that the only kind ? Thank you for your help.

  41. Tracy says:

    I have full collections of Cape Cod Collection and Beer Steins.

    Mint Condition.

    Thank you for looking!

  42. Shirley Verlaque says:

    My grandmother recently gave me a collection of Avon Glass Dolls with cologne and prefume in them. Besty Ross doll, bride and groom dolls lots of story book dolls. Does anyone have any idea what they are worth or where I could find out.

  43. Claudelle Halcomb says:

    I have a collection of Avon Beer Steins, each year from 1976 to 1996 (some years have two productions) All are in pristine condition including the boxes I am seeking a fair price for the entire collection only

  44. Donna Burgener says:

    I received a tea set at a representatives meeting drawing for submitting names for new representatives. It has the tea pot, four cups and saucers. They are Imperial Gardens design when a line of that name came out. I also have the bubble bath canaster in Imperial Gardens. Anyone know the possible value?. I also have the cookie plates that we received each year. Anyone know of these?

  45. ANNIE says:

    I have the following: Kitten Little unused with SOMEWHERE cologne 1.5 oz
    Forest Friends Carolling Trio Mini Figurine from the Gift Collection
    Ninja dusting powder all in original boxes and unused
    You may e-mail me at rwilson43@nycap.rr.com

  46. Gail says:

    I found a very old tube of Avon lather shave cream buried in the yard of an home we recently purchased. It has a drawing of a horse buggy on it. It is green. Does anyone know how old this could be?

  47. ROBIN says:


  48. Wilmington O. Charles says:

    I have a rare Vintage Avon Rainbow Trout Decanter or (bottle) after shave contents it held, green color bottle, and a Bucking Bronco ” Oland (bottle) After Shave contents it held, brown color horse with a gold color cowboy that is the top that rides the horse. I would like to know the valued of these two Items, and I will possible sell them to a collector.

  49. Beverly says:

    I have a set of 8 Avon beer steins. Wondering if I were to sell them what a fair price would be and also where would I take them to sell?

  50. Maureen says:

    I have about 11 boxes of Avon from when my mom sold it in the 70’s and 80’s. Looking to unload it….
    Any suggestions?

    • trish says:

      do u still have interested for christmas items

      • Kirsten says:

        I am looking for some magic tree glasses, do you have any or know any one that might?

        • robert says:

          Avila 200 piece collection fifty or so brand new in the box mainly from the 60s and 70s and some earlier things as well I have what you’re looking for but it may be sold tomorrow in a bulk deal if it doesn’t sell you may contact me at 816-206-8587 my name is Robert if you know anyone or you’re interested in the entire 200 pieces just le case this guy falls through I will take in an insanely unreasonable price for all of it thank you have a great day hope to hear from you will send pics if your interested or serious there’s so many pieces it’s too much to mess with for people that are serious thank you

      • June Mathieu says:

        looking for white nativity from the 80s

      • robert says:

        I have many Christmas items my collections about 200 pieces and all fifty or so is brand new in the box a lot of top 10 collectibles most of the used ones or not having a box are still full of cologne perfume bottles too much to list I would take a more than reasonable price for the entire collection you make contact Robert at 816-206-8587 and I will split the set up if you want but my price is going to be reasonable that if you’re interested you’ll take it off thank you have a good day

    • Kirsten says:

      I am looking for some of the magic tree glasses do you have any?

      • robert says:

        I have a few of the tree glasses I also have it about a 200 piece collection fifty or so still brand new in the box most of the used ones still have cologne perfume bottles plates too much to list will take an unbelievably reasonable deal for all of it I mean very reasonable if you’re interested please call Robert at 816-206-8587 I’ll send pictures if you’re serious thank you have a good day

    • bobbi says:

      Maureen, I am in similar situation. Did you ever “unload”. How did you do it. I have no idea how to sell anything. 2000 items from attic. help…if you can

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