Avon Watches

On this page you will first find various watches made by Avon, then watches currently available for purchase.

Avon Breast Cancer Watch

Avon Watch

Avon Watch

This is the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade pink watch. The background of the watch face is pearlized pink, and there is a pink ribbon where the “12” normally would be. The movement is Japan movement, and the back is stainless steel.

Avon Cat Lovers Watch

Avon Cat Watch

Avon Cat Watch

Here is the Avon Cat Lovers Designer Wrist Watch.

Very cute. A watch anyone will love.

Avon Eternal Promise Watch

Avon Eternal Promise Watch

The Avon Eternal Promise watch is very elegant and makes a lovely gift. It features a mother-of-pearl dial, silvertone rhinestones on both sides of the dial, and to prevent the watch from getting tarnished is plated with Rhodium.

Avon Cross Dial Watch

Avon Cross Dial Watch

This magnificent ladies watch has a detailed gold bracelet. The face of the watch has a cross on it. Absolutely beautiful.

Avon Rope Twist Watch

Avon Rope Twist Watch

This is a beautiful watch with what appears to a twist in the band. It is silver and gold, with gold numbers on the face of the dial. The band stretches for comfort and to allow this watch to be worn by most women.

Avon Pearlesque Watch

Avon Pearlesque Watch

This is a picture of the Avon Pearlesque Cuff Watch. It has a quartz movement and fits wrists 6-1/2 inches to 8 inches in diameter.

This fascinating to look at watch and very stylish as the design appears to go from the dial to the watch. It has a hinged cuff to make it very easy to take on and off. The watch has rhinestone accents and a real Mother-of-Pearl dial.


19 Responses to “Avon Watches”
  1. linda says:

    i have a watch and don’t see it in your collections, I would like to now the valve of it

  2. Mrs L Hackleton says:

    I have a lost world wrist watch 1979 and have tried to get information on its value but it says its missing what does this mean as it is on your web sight

  3. Mary says:

    I have a vintage jeweled cat watch from avon. Can anyone tell me what it’s worth today. The watch is over 20 years old.

  4. Mary Graves says:

    I purchased a quartz watch from Avon some years ago. It’s an oval face that’s burgundy in color. The band is a burgundy & gold cross over look. The other part is links where it fastens.

  5. Ronnie Corral says:

    I lost my Felix the Cat watch it was a classic Felix but I believe it was from 2005 and I would love to have another Felix’s in the center it’s black and white with a black leather band and a crystal face

  6. Ronnie Corral says:

    I purchase a classic Felix the Cat watch I believe it was from 2005 and it mysteriously disappeared from my messy room and I can’t find it I would like to have another on your face it is black leather strap with Felix in the center and I believe it’s a Crystal’s face

  7. Janice Carter says:

    I love the pink breast cancer watch. Where can I purchase it and for what price.

  8. Lori says:

    I’m looking for a new watch or at least the band for a tank/rectangular Avon watch. Gold color with large Roman numerals and a bronze-ish faux leather band. Love the watch – hate that the band broke.
    Thank you

  9. nancy says:

    I have an Avon watch that works, but I have lost the instructions and cannot set it. I don’t know the name of it, but it is a greyish color, leather strap, and the face has the time shown in teal colored stone numbers. Time, date, or second count can be shown by pressing button on side. It has 2 buttons on the side. Any help appreciated.

  10. Jennifer says:

    information on this wath , how can i buy it?

    Avon Cat Watch

    Here is the Avon Cat Lovers Designer Wrist Watch.

    Very cute. A watch anyone will love.

  11. Barbara says:

    I’m looking for an Avon watch in gold tone with colored pastel stones encircling the watch band. The stones sparkle in the sun and the watch is beautiful to look at. Very feminine. I purchased it approximately 7 years ago.

  12. Sue says:

    I have a blue skin so soft watch — insect repellent watch in box and a few other old avon collectibles

  13. ROLLY says:


  14. EAR;A says:


  15. Cherie Atha says:

    When my DAD passed away my Mom gave me collection of beer steins I have 20 big and small I would like someone to contact me to come and see them to let me know how much they are worth I would like to sell them also have couple of other avon things please contact me! thanks

  16. linda smith says:

    would like to buy the avon cancer watch.

  17. D Decker says:

    Is there a demand for the collectable nativity figures issued in the 70’s??
    Is there any value on these items??
    These figurines were unpainted and were pure white with a matte finish.
    any information on these items would be appreciated. thank you

  18. jeanne says:

    Looking for a men’s watch with USC on it…bought one for my husband a couple of years ago…would like to find another one.

  19. john steen says:

    Looking for antique ladies AVON wrist watch.Rectangal shape, 15 jewel,silver case. age unknown very old!! PLEASE HELP< if possible

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