Avon Volkswagen Bottles

Avon Volkswagen Beetle Bug Cologne Bottles are popular collectors items.

Here are some of the different Volkswagens bottles you can collect.

Black Volkswagen VW Bug Bottle

Bottom of Avon Black Volkswagen Bottle

Here is the class black Volkswagen bottle. As seen from the picture of the bottom of the bottle, it originally held 4 ounces of Avon Wild Country after shave.

The car is about 5-3/4 inches long, 2-1/4 inches high and 2-1/2 inches high.

Red Avon Volkswagen Bottle

This is the vivid red version of the Wild Country after shave with a portion of the original box visible in the background.

Red Volkswagen Orland Bottle

Avon Volkswagen Orland After Shave

This red Avon VW bottle may look similar, but if you look at the label on the bottom of the car you will see this originally shipped with Avon’s Orland after shave.

As a collector it is possible to not only get each color, but to try and obtain as many different after shave scents the bottle shipped with.

Blue Avon Volkswagen

Avon Windjammer Volkswagen

In the 1970s Avon sold Windjammer After Shave in this blue Volkswagen bottle.

In addition to VW Beetle Bug cars, Avon has also made some bottles in the shape of other Volkswagen cars.

Avon Volkswagen Dune Buggy

Avon Volkswagen Dune Buggy Box

Check out this fun Volkswagen Dune Buggy from Avon which came in a colorful blue and yellow box.

The Dune Buggy bottle is blue and originally held 5 ounces of Spicy after shave.

Avon Volkswagen Rabbit

Avon Volkswagen Rabbit Box

The Volkswagen Rabbit is not a car one would expect to be a rare collectible – but here it is from Avon!

Made in 1980 this blue bottle originally held three ounces of Light Musk Cologne.

Avon Volkswagen Bus

Avon Volkswagen Bus Reverse

Avon Volkswagen Bus Back

Avon Volkswagen Bus Bottom

If you see this incredibly fun red Avon Volkswagen Bus grab it!

Vintage 1970s it originally held Tai Winds after shave.

You are not going to find too many Avon collectibles like this. Or any collectibles. It has red, orange and yellow racing flames on the right side. On the left is a rainbow. On top are flowers and the word “Love”. You can tell easily the era by the colors and the style.

On the back of this VW bus is a motorcycle.

A little gaudy, but can can’t you go wrong with this collectible!


29 Responses to “Avon Volkswagen Bottles”
  1. Donna Heath says:

    I have 15 dated ornaments all in original boxes. 4 ceramic 1980,81,82,83. 4 silver 1989,90,91,92. 7 pewter 1997,99,2000,01,02,11,14. Will sell for $100.00 plus shipping. Contact me at djandcal@comcast.net

  2. Amanda Price says:

    I have the black Volkswagen spicy

  3. Angela says:

    I have 4 Avon After Shave cars in the original box. Never used. 1. Model “A” Wild Country ; 2. Country Vendor Wild Country ; 3. The Camper Deep Woods ; 4. REO Depot Wagon Tai Winds. Can anyone tell me what any of these would be worth today? They have never been opened and are still in original boxes. Thank you for your help, Angela

  4. Sherry miller says:

    I have a blue Dune Buggy Avon bottle,but it’s emptyis there any value? Ty

  5. dan says:

    I have an entire box of vintage collectable avon cars, trains and others all in original boxes. i also have the rare red vw bus decals never applied all still in box. lets chat and see if i have something you need then we can work a deal! I have 35 bottles all in original box!

    • bill says:

      i am interested in them. where are they located?

      • robert says:

        I have a 200 piece plus collection over 50 items brand new in the box a lot of cars just about every category perfume bottles my name is Robert you may contact me at 816-206-8587 and if you’re interested in the whole lot the 200-plus Ivan it would be the most unreasonable low ridiculous price you ever heard of please get in touch with me

  6. penny wallgren says:

    I have a teal colored Volkswagon “oland” after shave 4fl. OZ. Full still in box. Could you please tell me what it is worth??

    • Sheryl says:

      I have the bus stickers an labkes in good condition. No box an empty tho. Can u tell me how much it’s worth

  7. matt says:

    Tons of cars all kinds all full no boxes I have about 75 make offer and there yours ide like to get 2.00 a bottle. Wont sale separately sorry

  8. JUDY says:


  9. Gary says:

    i just picked up a black bug still full no box, do you know how many different scents they put into this decanter?ive looked all over and they dont have the decanter with the AVON SPICY scent. I paid 2 dollars for it at a yard sale Is this worth anything? Thanks in advance

  10. danny lewis says:

    can you tell me what a black Volkswagen, never opened and its the new York, new York,bottle,is worth, please. thank you.

  11. Jessica says:

    I have the Volkswagen black car with wild country aftershave never been taken out box! Box in great condition! I have About fifty pieces NEVER bEEN USED Or OPEN BOX IN GREAT CONDITIOn As well ! Must sell asap!

  12. Al says:

    I would like to buy the VW rabbit car tried to click the view button but wouldn’t work.

  13. Susan says:

    I have the black Volkswagen ‘wild counry’ bottle. Unable to click on the screen to find our its worth. Can you help?

  14. brandon says:

    I just picked up seven of these today. At a flea market all for 6$. Five black bugs one red all empty and a blue buggy full.

  15. Matthew says:

    I have red volkswagen(wild country) also solid gold cadillac (avon leather) is there a way to get value?

  16. Malcolm Mackley says:

    I have a black volkswagen avon after shave bottle. It is full…never used. I live in Australia. Can you help as to its value? I have had it for 30 to 40 years.

  17. tom says:

    I’d like to buy FULL bottles of Avon Spicy Aftershave. Design is unimportant.
    — Tom

    • greg l says:

      got full bottle spicey cologne in state capitol bldg

    • Walt Dogbark says:

      I was looking on the site to see what an old volkswagen bettle goes fo and saw your post.
      Mine is Spicy, never used in 50 years but some water or alcohol probably evaporated.
      Located in Ann Arbor, MI if you didn’t find what you needed.

    • robert says:

      Well I might be the person you’re looking for I have 200 plus items 50 + brand new in the box almost all the other items not in the Box are full of cologne excellent shape some rare pieces not greedy if you’re interested please call Robert at 816 206-8587 I will give you the most unreasonably low price it’ll blow your mind thank you have a good day

    • Brittany Cox says:

      I have full bottle of the Volkswagen after shave the blue one

  18. Andrea says:

    I am interested in your Red Volkswagon bottles, but am unable to get any info when I click the pictures. Please contact me regarding this item, if it’s available and all possible payment options, mahalo!

    • Avon says:

      Thanks for the reporting the issue. The links should work now.

    • matt says:

      I have a lot of bed all colors and full only one in box its blue willing to sale all call or txt me 9166135968 give me time ill reply

    • robert says:

      I have the red Volkswagen along with 200-plus pieces over 50 brand new the Box if interested contact Robert at 816-206-8587 and if you’re interested in all 200-plus pieces I will make you the most unreasonably low in the same price you’ve ever heard of no gimmicks I just picked it up right and I’m moving thank you everyday

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