Avon No Longer Selling Collectibles?

As you will see in the picture below from the Avon corporate website, Avon is out of the collectibles market.

Avon Not Selling New Collectibles

If you want collectible Avon treasures the Avon Collectible Shop specialty website is the place to start your search. Then you can find information about products to buy on secondary sites such as e*Bay.

The decision by Avon to limit their products is an interesting one since there is such a high demand for Avon collectibles.

Recently Avon also drastically reduced its number of referral partners.

If this seems counterintuitive you are not the only one questioning the strategy. Especially when one considers the substantial number of collectibles and future collectibles to be sold during the holiday season.

Avon’s stock has underperformed for years and has seen a recent dramatic slide in value. According to news reports Avon has been the subject of a broadening bribery probe in numerous countries, and in late 2011 the United States Securities & Exchange Commission began an investigation into the bribery issue as well as whether there have been improper company contacts with financial analysts who report on the condition of the company.

What does this mean for you and other collectors?

In the long term it means new collectibles are not entering the market. Due to breakage, hoarding, and a steady increase in people interested in collecting Avon, there will likely be increased demand in the future for a more limited supply of collectibles.

You already know the result: higher prices. Especially for the most desirable, mint condition items.

Now may be an excellent opportunity for you to get wonderful Avon collectible items. Down the road, you may find that wonderful item which was passed on is simply no longer available.

25 Responses to “Avon No Longer Selling Collectibles?”
  1. Sandra C Sanders says:

    I have 4 of the President’s Club Bird Plates I would like to sell – no boxes. Christmas plates from 1974 thru 1980 again no boxes. I also have 11 water glasses and 11 wine glasses
    that were prizes for President Club sellers – they are clear with a stem and an Old Fashioned Lady holding an umbrella on the front of them – not sure what they were called or how old they are – no boxes – How do I go about seeing if anyone is interested and what they would sell for?

  2. Cindy K says:

    Will Avon be releasing a 2017 pewter Christmas ornament?

  3. Dave Barnes says:

    My mother was an Avon district manager for over 30 years in Tucson. She left us 32 of her more expensive and rare items. Some were not available to the public, but were “president’s awards” for district managers only. We have: 4 steins, 11 Albee figurines (1978 to 1987), 5 Hollywood star figurines, and 12 other miscellaneous items. I can send you the exact inventory if you are interested. Please reply to davidb1569@aol.com or call 509-308-5183 to see the detailed inventory and discuss price. Thanks!!

  4. Andrea Williams says:

    I sold Avon between 1972 and 1973, and have many different types of bottles and products, some with boxes and some without. If anyone wants to take them off my hands for a cheap price (to be negotiated), please reply.

  5. Hope Stover says:

    Hi. I’ve got a 5 fl. oz. Charisma Perfume Oil bottle. It was my grandma’s. It would still have the perfume in it but my daughter poured it out all over my couch arm when she was 6 yrs old. She’s almost 19 yrs old now. My mom has all the other old Avon bottles. There is suppose to be a car and the horse bottles somewhere. I never knew they were collectibles. Does anyone know what the one I have is going for?? It’s the one with the tall top and lid with the rounded small base. It has the original Avon sticker on the bottom of the bottle. Anyone can email me at stover.hope@yahoo.com if you want too. Thank you.

  6. Michelle says:

    I have a Avon Country & Western Music Stein Vintage mug the numbers on the bottom # 54996 im trying to find out more about it and why does the same mugs i find have different numbers are they worth different prices?

  7. Crystal Moore says:

    looking for Avon Christmas plates for 2010-2014 if anyone could help please

    • Theresa says:

      Hi I have 8 dinner plate set of dinner plate, dessert plate, soup bowl, coffee cup and saucer from the Saints Ivy winter collection 1981.

  8. James Whitacre says:


  9. Melinda Luke says:

    I have a Revolving Christmas Mrs. Albee that plays “Let It Snow”. She is mounted on a brown painted wooden base with the musical mechanism and battery compartment for lights (which only occasionally work due to a short in the extremely fine wiring). There is a table beside her – also porcelain which to my knowledge contains THE ONLY KNOWN PORTRAIT OF MR. ALBEE! There are more items on her other side and a picture window decorated with curtains and a wreath behind her. The base measures approx 10″ wide so it is a substantial piece and EXTREMELY RARE. I have never seen another piece on the market for sale… Willing to sell now only because I am opening a longarm quilting business. If you post a reply here, I will try to look back in the next few weeks for responses. I may also list her on ebay.

  10. Rondene Wanner says:

    I have these items for sale:
    1973 Avon Windjammer After Shave (Seltzer Water) Original Box 5 oz $19.99 Like New (Full)
    1979 Avon Mount Vernon Plate w/ George & Martha Soaps Original Box w/soaps $24.99 Like New
    1969 Avon A Man’s World Tribute After Shave Original Box 6 oz $14.99 Like New (Full)
    1975 Avon Tabatha Bird of Paradise Cologne Spray Original Box 3 oz $19.99 Like New (3/4 Full)
    1981 Avon Porcelain Head Doll with Lavender-Fragranced Sachet Original Box $24.99 Like New
    1978 Avon Beauty in Motion Ballet Picture & Soaps Original Box w/soaps $15.99 Signs of Age (Like New)
    1978 Avon Seasons Greetings Fostoria Crystal Bowl Original Box 24% Lead $15.99 Box shows signs of Age
    1977 Avon “Heart & Diamond” Soap Dish & Soap Original Box 5 oz $12.99 Like New (orig Soap)
    1972 Avon Royal Apple Bird of Paradise Cologne Original Box 3 oz $11.99 Like New (Full)
    1989 Avon Greeting Cards Mrs Albee – gift Pres Club Original Box 25 cards w/env $5.50 Like New
    1973 Avon Imperial Garden Cologne Mist Original Box 3 oz $9.99 Like New (Full)
    1973 Avon Hobnail Bud Vase Charisma Cologne Original Box 4.75 oz $9.99 Like New (3/4 Full)
    1974 Avon Oriental Egg Chinese Pheasant Imperial Garden Cologne Original Box 1 oz $9.99 Like New (Full)
    1978 Avon Sea Fantasy Bud Vase Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil Original Box 6 oz $12.99 Box shows signs of Age (Full)
    1978 Avon Victorian Pitcher & Bowl Moonwind Foaming Bath Oil Original Box 6 oz $11.99 Like New (Full)
    1978 Avon Victorian Soap Dish & Field Flowers Soap Original Box 5 oz $18.99 Like New (orig Soap)
    1978 Avon Victorian Moonwind Powder Sachet Original Box 1.5 oz $16.99 Like New (7/8 Full)
    1979 Avon Shimmering Peacock Clearfire Transparent Frag Candle Original Box 1.5″ $12.99 Like New (box shows age)
    1972 Avon Crystaltree Moonwind Cologne Original Box 3 oz $6.99 Like New (3/4 Full)
    1968 Avon Brocade Beauty Dust Original Box 6 oz $16.99 Like New (unopened orig Powder)
    1983 Avon Terra Cotta Salt & Pepper Shakers Original Box 1 each $9.99 Like New
    1776 Avon Bicentennial Plate 2 Soaps with Special Occasion Frag Original Box 6 oz $11.99 Like New (box shows age)
    1977 Avon Bunny Ceramic Planter Perfumed Candle Holder Original Box w/candle $12.99 Like New (orig unopened Candle)
    1977 Avon Bunny Ceramic Planter Perfumed Candle Holder Original Box Candle Holder $18.99 Like New (box shows age)
    1980 Avon Bunny Bright Ceramic Fragrance Candle Holder Spiced Apple Original Box w/ orig candle $14.99 Like New
    1970 Avon Powder Puffery Charisma Beauty Dust Original Box 5 oz $11.99 Like New (Full)
    1969 Avon Unforgettable Cologne Mist Original Box 3 oz $19.99 Like New (Full) box shows age
    1981 Avon Sunny Bunny Ceramic Candle Holder w/Floral Medley Frag Candlette Original Box w/ orig candle $14.99 Like New
    1979 Avon Heavenly Cherub Hostess Bell Bird of Paradise Cologne Original Box 4 oz $12.99 Like New (Full)
    1977 Avon Rosepoint Bell Charisma Cologne Original Box 4 oz $12.99 Like New (Full)
    Avon Moisture Garden pump dispenser for body lotion Original Box dispenser $4.99 Like New
    1972 Avon Remember When Radio Decanter Original Box 5 oz $7.99 Like New (Full)
    1975 Avon Ladybug Moonwind Original Box 1/8 oz $7.99 Like New (Full)
    1980 Avon Crystal Snowflake Christmas Bell (empty_ No Box / Empty 3.75 oz $5.99
    $464.17 = Total of All Above
    Asking $175.00 OBO
    Will ship at your cost – your choice of urgency

  11. Valerie Frye says:

    I’m looking for a bear it was from 2006 the bear told a story to his son,,’Twas the night before Christmas, I have had this bear a very long time I recently took him out to display and amuse my grandson and it did not work I was very disappointed. I was wondering if there are others I would like to have another one. Can you please help me? Thank you best regards Valerie Frye.

  12. Alissa says:

    I have a handful of Avon Beer Steins they are all still in the original boxes and some still have the Cologne. Can anyone tell me how much they are worth? I can take and email pics later. Some of the ones that I have include the Sporting Ceramic Sign serial #094184, Car Classics serial #324591 (with cologne), Western Round-up serial #067597, Tall Ships Serial #841336 (with Cologne), Great American Football Serial #13261, endangered species serial #052691, Great American Baseball Serial #21963, Age of the Iron Horse serial #51926, and lastly Avon tribute to the Wild West Stein serial #79226. Thank you in advance for your time on this matter.

  13. Bob Nash says:

    We are downsizing our home and I have 80 beer steins and wondered if there was anyone who may be interested in buying a whole collection. These will need to be collected as there are too many to post and we move house on the 28th March. If there is anyone interested please contact me at the above email or ring 01252 547578. I am open to any reasonable offers and there are an assorted of sizes including some 2 & 3 litres the vast majority are limited additions.

    • benji says:

      could u possibly compile a list or take a picture of the lot?

      • robert says:

        Patrick I have about a 200 piece of 50s and 60s Avon collection every car animal figuring it’s just a little bit of everything about 30 of them are in the Box new most are full clone do used ones several pieces of the top 10 desirable collectible Avon pieces and I am more than reasonable but I buy and sell things for a living but Avon is not my forte and I helped a lady out getting it if you’re interested in the entire set I would make you a deal beyond your belief my name is Robert you may contact me at 816-206-8587 thank you have a great day

  14. Brandy says:

    Hello Collectors,

    My aunt has recently had to move to an adult family home. She sold Avon for many, many, years. In doing her estate sale, I have found literally hundreds of “vintage” avon collectibles. I am not sure what is considered vintage today…Her collections start from the 70’s and up. Just to give you an idea of what we have: decanters from the 70′-90′..There could be more and made earlier, I have only made it through 2 boxes, all the lionel trains, barbie dolls, ornaments, and resin eggs, porcelain dolls from various collections (all fine collectibles) bells, gifts sets, Match box truck series, huge christmas collections (all fine) and many that aren’t, she sooo many ornaments. Stuffed animals, jewelry (about 200 boxes) I haven’t looked in all of them, pens, magnets…That’s all I can remember at the moment. I found her avon collectibles book, but it was written in 1995, so I am sure a lot has changed. So if there is something you are looking for or would like to see a picture of a collection, please reply to me personally: xxbrandymorganxx@hotmail.com
    Thanks for reading my post/blog:)

  15. Debi says:

    I have vintage Mrs. Albees in excellent condition and still in boxes. Any takers?

  16. Carole May says:

    I have a Glass Pipe (Aftershave – Wild Country) Silver Water tap (Aftershave Wild Country) and an
    oil lamp, not sure what kind of perfume was in it. I’ve had these items for years and they were gifts originally to my husband and myself. We have been married for 43 years and I’m not sure how old they are and am curious if anyone knows.

    Carole May, Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

  17. Patrick says:


    i would be interested in your collection..

  18. Sheryl says:

    Hello –

    I have a complete 4-piece 1876 Cape Cod Collection including accessories – 4 mugs, 4 tall beverage glasses, 8 water goblets, 2 candle holders, 2 candlesticks, 4 dessert plates, 4 dessert bowls, 1 creamer, 1 footed sauce boat, 2 sets of salt and pepper shakers, 1 trinket box, 1 sugar bowl, 4 napkin rings, 2 hostess bells, 4 cup/saucer sets, 4 saucer champagne set, 6 dinner plates, 1 two-tier server, 1 large serving bowl, 1 vase, 1 wine decanter, 2 candy dishes, 1 butter dish, 1 pitcher, and 4 pedestal mugs. Where can I sell them? They are all in the original boxes and never been used. My family put this collection together in my hope chest as a child. No one in the family wants them. HELP!

  19. denise mohamed says:

    Hi i trying to find a special cat, more likey a stuff a cat by the name carmicheal can you tell me if you carry them as collectable items or it is discontinue, or where i canfind one. thank you.

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