Avon Fostoria

What is Fostoria?

Fostoria is the name of a company that began creating glass products in the late 19th century in Fostoria, Ohio.  The company soon moved its operations to West Virginia, but kept the Fostoria name.

Why is Fostoria Glassware Collectible?

Fostoria produced glassware is considered to be more valuable because of its higher quality. 

Even where another company may have created products from the same pattern, as happened with many products produced during the Great Depression and before more recent technology, Fostoria has been considered to have higher quality.

Higher quality means better looking glassware and it means more valuable glassware for collectors.

Over the years Fostoria has developed a name that is well recognized amongst collectors.

George and Martha Washington Goblets – Cobalt Blue

Avon Fostoria George and Martha Washington Goblets

One of the more popular Avon Fostoria pieces are these blue “George and Martha Washington” goblets.

They are about 8 inches tall with a 3 and 1/4 inch opening. They are a bright cobalt blue.

Here is a closeup of the George Washington goblet:

Fostoria George Washington Goblet

This is what the Martha Washington goblet looks like in more detail:

Martha Washington Goblet

Brand new goblets can be hard to find. New items have a Fostoria sticker on them. Here is a sample picture of a new George Washington goblet with the sticker on its base:

Avon Fostoria George Washington Goblet Sticker

Even rarer is to find an original box these items come in. This is what the box looks like:

Avon Fostoria George and Martha Washington Box

Mount Vernon Creamer or Small Pitcher

Avon Fostoria Mount Vernon Creamer

The Avon Fostoria “Mount Vernon” Creamer, also known by some as the Small Pitcher, is a bright cobalt blue and is about 5 and 1/2 inches tall. It is about 4 -1/2 inches across the opening from handle to spout to handle, and 3-1/4 inches across the opening front to back.

Here is a picture showing a closeup of the detailed embossed “Mount Vernon” depiction on the side of the creamer:

Mount Vernon Creamer

We believe this was made in 1976. Around the bottom of the creamer is a diamond pattern, but the most distinctive feature identifying this piece is the frosted scene of Mount Vernon.

Although this page has started by showing a couple of the stunning cobalt blue Fostoria pieces, not all Avon Fostoria pieces are this color. Most are clear glass. Such as this 1973 candle holder:

Avon Fostoria Candle Holder

Avon Fostoria Candle Holder 1973

In this picture the Avon Fostoria candle holder is shown with its original box. For collectors getting the original box an item came in is a real find. This candle holder is about four inches in height.

Avon Fostoria Candy Dish

Here is an old Avon Fostoria candy dish we are still working on getting a date on:

Avon Fostoria Candy Dish

First, be aware this is lead crystal and it is heavy. This round candy dish has an embossed leaf design.

The bottom of the dish has “AVON” embossed on it. The dish is about 5 and 3/4 inches in diameter and its opening and about 4 and 3/4 inches in diameter at its base. It is approximately 4 and 1/2 inches in height.


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  1. shannon says:

    Im looking to sell ALOT of vintage avon collectables! I dont know where to start n would really appreciate some advice on what would be the best way to go about selling everything! i have been researching everything online but its so hard to know what to price everything at! Im not sure if u guys buy whole collections or know someone who does so i can get rid of some of this stuff! i was told id make more money selling it piece by piece but being a single mother of 4 i really dont have the time! i also dont have the space either my work shop is now full of avon lol! i have the whole set of the 1886 cape cod collection! The collectible figures i have are the 1976 first avon lady, The 1978, 1979, 82,n 1984 mrs pfe albee figures theses are not in boxes but are in excellent condition i have the 92nd anniversary fostoria crystal plate set all 8 of them ,crystal glow candle holder,flower basket, 1978 seasons greeting candy dish, beauty dust crystalique dish, i have christmas plates from 1973 till 1983 ,plus other numerious plates, n many many more items from pomanders to soaps to perfumes n body dusts! Please help point me in the right direction!!! or email me if interested

  2. Marguerite Garretson says:

    I inheritated an estate and the vintage avon collectibles are so numerous..many, many in the box and full to nearly full..

    I also have some without the boxes some are 1/2 full to full..very few are empty…I am in need of selling these items as quickly as possible..If interested please contact Marguerite at 512-912-6648..

    If do better on the phone than emails..

    If will list the following products in the boxes: crystal song..red cut glass bell, full of sonnet cologne, mint condition…

    uncle Sam’s pipe, in the box, mint condition full of after shave,…

    Avon Extra special male, box says RFD1 it is in the box full of after shave , decanter the mail truck is mint condition, box shows some wear…

    Indian chieftan, full of hair lotion ,in the box, mint condition…

    liberty bell decanter, full of cologne, in the box mint condition….

    1876cape cod collection candlestick, beautiful red decanter, full of cologne, in the box, mint condition…

    Betsy Ross figurine still wrapped in cellophane, full of cologne in the box, box shows wear, it is a bicentennial product, 1776-1976…

    butterfly decanter, full of cologne, bottle full and in mint condition, box intact but shows wear…

    California perfume, anniversary keepsake complete, full of cologne topped with pink bow, bottle mint condition, box shows some wear…

    emerald bell 3/4 full of cologne green glass decanter and box in mint condition….

    American eagle pipe, full of cologne, box and decanter mint condition….

    rose point bell, full of cologne,decanters pink with Diamond shaped depression in glass, box and bell in mint condition road runner motorcycle decanter complete with handlebars still in cellophane, full of cologne, mint condition, but bow shows age and wear…

    I have 3 Trailing Arbutus perfumed talc with mint condition floral decorated canister, all canisters are full of talc , all in boxes, one box in mint condition, one box has small tear on lid ,and the other box is in poor condition…

    triple crown, full of cologne, box and decanter is mint condition…Chess pieces all full of cologne, all mint condition both decanters and boxes ecept for two boxes have torn lids, I have 2 amber kings with silver heads, one silver king with amber head, one queen with silver body and Amber head, one queen with amber body and silver head…

    one entitled smart move, it’s the knight has amber body and silver head…

    one bishop with amber body, silver head, one entitled bishop II HAS a silver body and Amber head..

    one rook with silver body and Amber head, one rook with amber body and silver head…one pawn with silver body and Amber head, one pawn with silver body and Amber head…

    I also have another Knighton smart move, the box illustrates amber body and silver head, but what is in the box is silver body and Amber head..

    again, all of the chess pieces are full, with only 2 boxes out of them all havi g torn lids, the rest are all mint condition…

    I have Martha washington, foster bright blue goblet with candle intact but cellophane is off top of candle in the box both goblet and box are in mint condition…

    I have also the George Washington Goblet bright cobalt bue, mint condition but no candle and no box…

    cobalt blue bell with depressions, diamond shape in glass, very ornate silver stem, bell says mooning cologne, it is empty with no box, bell in mint condition…

    Abe lincoln, white bust, full of aftershave in mint condition, no box…

    bulldog pipe with cap decanter empty and shows signs of usage but no chips or cracks, no box…

    Grecia pitcher decanter white milk glass in great condituon, empty and no box…

    red fire hydrant, decanter in mint condition, 1/3 full, no box…

    green glass decanter with Horsehead on tall pedestal, brass ring hoops thru horses mouth and dangles empty, no box, no sticker for identification, decanter in mint condition…

    amber turtle with silver head, full of cologne, mint condition, no box…

    captains later 1864, mint condition, full of after shave, no box…

    amber either model T ford or roadster, empty, red cap for luggage on back, evident there were some sort of stickers on both sides but this has none, no cracks or chips, no identification…

    milk white glass clock, it is standing on 2 footed pedestal labeled unforgettable foaming bath oil, decanter has no chips or cracks but label on front for clock family e shows age and wear, empty, no box…

    barber pole full of after shave, mint condition, no box…

    milk white glass 2 decanters with white floral embossing on decanters they are matching with silver lids, one has a shaker top inside cap to dispense powder the other one does not, label on bottom barely legible, I believe it says powder duet??? No boxes, empty, decanters are beautiful…

    blacksmith ‘ s anvil amber with silver handle on top for l8d, decanter mint condition, full of after shave, never been opened, no box..green glass whale oil lantern, full of after shave, mint condition, no box…

    amber glass,no label but AVON embossed on bottom, looks like the old fashion water pump, empty, no box…

    green glass with long neck with fluted bottom vase type design, with an oval shaped stopper also imprinted with design, label says field of flowers foaming bath oil, mint condition, empty, no box…

    egle amber decanter missing top head, full of after shav3, no chips or c4acks, no box…

    These are my items all up for sale..must liquidate…call me to discuss value and prices…PLEASE…

  3. roy says:

    question, the “Avon” American blue classic glassware’s, what was produced? I currently have dinner plates, cereal bowls and water goblets. was any other pieces in this series produced? if so what pieces? soup/salad bowl?? bread plate?? I have always thought it seems kind like the set had missing pieces. I currently have 8 sets plates,bowls, water goblets.

    • Audrey C says:

      Anyone know when the American Classic blue fostoria goblets were
      issued? Seems like after the George and Martha Washingtons came out
      in 76 or so. I’m thinking early to mid 80’s on the American Classics.

      Please let me know. Thanks much!
      if you own them maybe you have a box you can check for date?


  4. Lori Montgomery says:

    I am clearing out my mother’s Avon collection. Mom was a dealer for many years in the late 60’s and early 70’s. She has many collectible bottles still in the boxes, coin glass and even a few pieces of jewelry she received for her years of service. Do you purchase items?

  5. Kathy W. says:

    Did they make a sugar to match this blue Avon Fostoria creamer? I would love to have one.

  6. Durema Kestner says:

    I have several Fostoria Avon 91st Anniversary frosted coin design items:
    Pair of candlesticks
    4 small bowls 4″ by 2″
    9″ pedestal candy dish with lid
    sugar bowl
    salt and pepper
    Not sure of their value. All in excellent condition. Get back to me if you are interested.

  7. Sharon Paden says:

    I would like to sell my 1976 avon George Washington blue goblets. Please contact me if you are interested.they do not have boxes.my aunt was an avon lady and they have been in my attic for 37 years thank you

  8. Alex Shlenski says:

    I have 5 George Washington blue goblets. I bought 2 in Jacksonville, FL about 5 years ago. Recently moved to Ellijay,GA and bought another 3 in different antique stores.

  9. pat sitton says:

    i have a large clear candy dish and a clear vase.
    can anyone tell me what they are worth. thank you

  10. frank bennett says:


  11. Donna Adkins says:

    I have 6 Martha Washington and 8 George Washington Goblets in original boxes, never used. Anyone interested? I also have the Mt. Vernon Pitcher and 4 Salt Shakers.
    Donna Adkins

  12. Steve Finnell says:

    I have a large amount of avon collectibles for sale right now on collect-a-bid.com

  13. Priscilla Johnson says:

    I have 2 sets of the cobalt blue stemware with George and Martha Washington cameos and a small pitcher with Mt. Vernon on it. Is this a creamer and if it is is there a sugar container? Thanks for your help!
    Pris Johnson

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