Avon Company

Numerous internal, company products have also been released. Many of which have now become collectibles. On this page we will be showing a few notable products we have seen:

tiffany plate

Anything sterling silver, and from Tiffany, will be valuable. This particular plate recognized employee Kay Douglas for twenty-five years of service in 1989.

Etched across the plate it states:

In grateful appreciation of twenty-five years of loyal service to Avon Customers

Reads across the center area of plate front:

MAY 1989

Paul B. Markowitz (engrave signature)
President Avon Direct Selling
US. Division

A nice touch from Avon to a loyal employee!

3 Responses to “Avon Company”
  1. MJ Robinson says:

    My mom sold Avon for years and won a Mrs Albee award in 1983 as well as winning a real ‘Avon’ diamond ring which she told me was part of the celebration of Avon buying Tiffany. It was awarded to top sales people in Canada (I think she once said there were a few across the country) – those who sold the most Canary diamonds. The ring is 14K Gold – Trademark AVON inside the band, It is one round brilliant cut diamond approximately .25ct, clarity of SI-1, colour of G, cut good. Mom passed away in February and I recently found it among her possessions – I am interested in selling it – if anyone is interested please contact me for more information on this truly rare Avon collectible.

  2. Lorna Grube says:

    I have many old Avon train pieces bought in the 80’s or so. Can’t find collection them as collections. Can you help me?

  3. Rita M. McCormack says:

    I have to items in mint condition from Avon. figures of

    1) Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara in ” Gone with the Wind”.

    2) Ginger Rogers as Dinah Barkley in “The Barkleys of Broadway”.

    Wanting to know the resale value.

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