Avon Christmas Ornament

Avon has made many wonderful Christmas ornaments over the years. Here are some favorites …

Avon Christmas Ornament 2004 Breast Cancer

Avon Christmas Ornament 2004 Breast Cancer

This 2004 Christmas Ornament is from the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. This is a beautiful glass gold heart decorated with tiny stones in the shape of the breast cancer awareness ribbon. It is embellished with rhinestones scattered around the ribbon. It has a light pink sheer ribbon for hanging. It is 3 ½” tall and 3 1/4“ wide.

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Avon Christmas Ornament Precious Moments 2004

Avon Christmas Ornament Precious Moments 2004

This is an adorable Precious Moments ornament dated 2004. With a stiff crocheted lace skirt and porcelain upper body, this precious angel ornament stands about 4 1/4″ high. She holds a gold detailed harp and has delicate glittered wings with a pretty pink bow in the middle.

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1993 Avon Father Christmas Ornament

Avon Father Christmas Ornament

1993 Avon Ornament

This wonderful pewter Christmas ornament was made by Avon in 1993. It is called “Father Christmas”. On the back of the ornament is an Avon impression.

The ornament shows St. Nicholas holding a Christmas tree and toys is intricately detailed in genuine, hand polished pewter. In this picture you can see the original box and red pouch the ornament came in. St. Nicholas is about 3-1/2 inches tall and has a gold cord for hanging from your tree.

2002 Avon Angel Ornament

2002 Avon Angel Christmas Ornament

This magnificent angel ornament was made by Avon in 2002. It is forged of pewter and shows an angel in a long dress blowing into a trumpet. Yes, it ’tis the season!

1997 Avon Santa Ornament


This pewter ornament was made by Avon in 1997. It depicts Santa Claus holding the North Star (in gold) over a small town. It is very clever and inspiring how the religious significance of the North Star is incorporated into this ornament.

1982 Ceramic Avon Angel

1982 Avon Ceramic Angel Ornament

This ceramic ornament was made by Avon in 1982. It shows the face of an angel with wings, and the “1982” is in gold. If the year 1982 is important to you this could be an ornament to treasure.

Avon Igloo Ornament

Avon Eskimo Igloo Ornament

This fun and interesting ornament shows two Eskimos in their igloo with a lighted Christmas tree on a yellow rug. They are celebrating with a local penguin. Setting aside the realities of the tree, electricity, rug, and penguin, this is a cute ornament for kids. It is about 2-1/2 inches high.

1994 Santa’s Arrival Ornament

1994 Avon Santas Arrival Ornament

Avon 1994 Santas Arrival

In 1994 Avon came out with this pewter Christmas ornament called “Santa’s Arrival.” The ornament is about 3-1/2 inches in length and originally comes in a red cloth bag.

The ornament shows Santa Claus with a bag full of toys ready to come down the chimney to deliver them to the kids sleeping (hopefully) in their beds – dreaming of Santa.

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