Avon Cape Cod Glass

Avon Cape Cod Glass

Avon Cape Cod Glass

225 Avon Cape Cod Glass Setting was Offered for $1800

Avon Cape Cod Glass Setting

The Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Collection is in high demand from collectors. Avon Cape Cod Glass is no longer sold new, so finding some pieces can be difficult.

This is one of the most requested and prized Avon collections today.

The Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Collection drew its inspiration from the Roman Rosette classical pattern. The number “1876” comes from the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being signed, and the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial.

The name “Cape Cod” for the collection is because many of the designs originated from the Boston & Sandwich Glass Works. This company started in 1825 at Cape Cod.

Avon Cape Cod Glass 64 Pieces This 64 piece vintage set sold for $400. It consisted of:

12 Handled Coffee Mugs (5 inches tall)
12 Salad Plates (7 and 1/4 inch size)
12 Dinner Plates (10 and 3/4 inch size)
12 Tall Tumblers (5 and 1/2 inches tall and 12 ounces)
12 Salad or Dessert Bowls (5 and 1/4 inches)
2 Vegetable Serving Bowls (8 and 3/4 inches)
1 Creamer (4 inches tall)
1 Sugar Bowl 3 and 1/2 inches tall)


Individual Cape Cod Glass items:

Cereal Bowl

Sugar Bowl

2-Tier Tray


Heart Box

Serving Bowl

Butter Dish


Salt and Pepper Shakers

Pedestal Cake Plate

Hostess Bell

The Avon 1876 Cape Cod Collection List

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  1. richelle says:

    I have several pieces (approx. 75-100) many still in box. No chips cracks on any. Looking to sell whatever to whoever. I live in branson missouri, 65616 and can deliver up to 50 miles free!! Email: fireyred62610@gmail.com. phone: (417) 365-5678. THANKS.

  2. K says:

    I have a complete service of 8 and all the serving pieces as well, 142 total pieces that I would like to sell. wine goblets, soup bowls, champagne glasses, dessert bowl, napping rings, dessert plates, bread & butter plates, tall beverage glasses, water goblets,cups, saucers, footed glasses, pedestal mugs, claret wine glasses, tier server, butter dish, candy dish condiment dish, creamer, dessert server, sauce boat, pedestal cake plate, pie plate, salt & pepper shakers, serving bowl, serving platter, sugar bowl, vase, pitcher, candle holders, hurricane candles. In Illinois if that helps.

  3. Angela Cervantez says:

    I have setting for 12 of Cape Cod dishes along with every additional side piece that was made. Lanters, candle holders, Christmas ornament, wine bottle and wine glasses, dinner plates, soup bowl ,fruit bowl, dessert bowls. I will sell the entire collection for $750.00 or will sell by the piece. Thanks you

  4. Jen says:

    My grandmother has approximately 70 pc she needs to sell. She would like to sell it all for $700 (or best offer). Her set includes
    Table setting for 12 (goblets, stem rock glasses, dinner plates, (15) salad plates, (13) small bowls, champagne glasses, mugs, coffee cups with saucers (10), small stem liquor glasses, napkin rings)
    2 relish trays
    1 platters
    1 gravy boat
    1 set of candle holders
    1 flower vase
    1 set of salt and pepper
    1 butter dish
    1 pitcher
    1 2-tier server
    1 cake plate
    1 pie plate
    2 serving bowls
    1 candle with chimney
    4 candy dishes (short stem)
    4 soup bowls
    4 small dessert plates
    2 wine glasses

    Please email if interested jennifer_danforth@hotmail.com

  5. chuck says:

    I have various Cape Cod pieces for sale

    2 candlesticks,
    4 goblets
    1-creamer bowl
    1-sugar bowl
    2 perfume decanters w perfume
    1- not sure what it is

  6. Kim martinelli says:

    I have too much cape cod to mention. I would like to sell. A lot still in original boxes. Others out yet never used. I want my kitchen table back! 12 place settings.

  7. Debbie says:

    I have decided to sell my large set of Avon 1876 Cape Cod Collection. Some piece are new in the box, some are new out of the box and some pieces were used a couple of times. Prefer to sell the complete set but will consider offers. This set includes the rarely purchased and hard to find ornament which will go with the complete collection. This collection includes 33 different type items of the total 37 different items in the full Avon collection. This collection includes 171 pieces. I would prefer not to ship and would make arranges to deliver the set within 50-75 miles of St. Paul/Minneapolis. Email me with questions or to make an offer. I can also email you pictures upon request. Complete list of pieces available below:
    Qty Description Notes
    2 Candle Holders
    2 Candle Sticks
    2 Hurricane Lamps
    1 Butter Dish
    1 Cream & Sugar Set
    2 Condiment Dished (Divided Tray) 1 in box
    2 Footed Sauce Boat 1 in box
    1 Pie Server
    1 Salt & Pepper Shakers Set never used
    2 Candy Dish (Small Serving Bowl) 1 in box
    8 Napkin Rings – Set of 4 (2 sets) 1 set in box
    1 Platter
    1 Pedestsal Cake Plate
    4 Serving Bowls (Large) 1 in box
    1 Water Pitcher
    1 Wine Decanter
    1 2 Tier Serving Plate
    12 Water Goblets
    12 Elegant Wine Glass 8 in box
    13 Wine Glasses
    14 Cup Saucer Set 10 in box
    2 Dessert Bowls
    12 Footed Glass Set 10 in box
    8 Pedestal Coffee Mugs
    12 Tall Beverage Glasses 8 in box
    6 Soup/Cereal Bowl 2 in box
    8 Dessert/Salad Plates 2 in box
    12 Dinner Plates 6 in box
    1 1990 Christmas Ornament in box
    12 Bread & Butter Plate all in box
    12 Saucer Champagne Glasses all in box
    1 Pie Plate in box
    1 Vase

  8. Hannah says:

    I have about 13 pieces, I was looking at prices of what other people are selling the single items for. I looked on Ebay, and if I wanted to expand my collection, I would rather go buy them there. The prices are much more reasonable. Even larger collections are much more reasonable. So if anyone wants to expand their collection, look on Ebay. A decanter and two goblets for $15. A salt and a pepper shaker for $7. The dinner bell for $6. The sugar dish and creamer for $10.

  9. Ruth says:

    How do you put pictures of your collection on here please call me 610-698-6138

  10. Ruth says:

    Hope someone who really loves this collection as much as I do, will contact me with an offer. Lost my husband and do have to sell.

  11. Ruth says:

    I have a service for 8, dinner plates, salad plates, dessert bowls, coffee mugs, small wine glasses, medium wine glasses, water goblets, only have 2 cereal bowls,2 pie plates,1 gravy boat, 4 vegetable bowls, 2 salt n pepper sets, 2 pedal candy dishes, 2 sets of sugar n creamers, 1 set of vinegar n oil bottles, 2 wine bottles, 1small candle set, 1 tall candle set, 1 hurricane candle, 1 water picture, 1 platter, 2 vases, 1 butter dish, 2 condemn dishes, if interested please call do have to sell. There is appropriatey 100 pieces. I am in the Temple, Pa area. 610-698-6138.

  12. Ruth says:

    I have a service for 8 with other pieces that total about 100 pieces don’t want to sell, but I have to call me 610-698-6138 tks

    • Diane says:

      I have a collection of Avon Cape Cod, service for 6. Includes glasses,goblets,desert paltes, regular dinner plates, oval serving plate,salt & pepper shakers, butter dish, cake plate,,bell etc. Would like an offer for anyone that collets. Need to sell.Please email me at warzie@woh.rr.com if interested. Thank you!

  13. Kayla Coomes says:

    My grandmother has a whole set of cape cod dishes
    and she’s looking to sell them they are in wonderful condition and we were hoping to find a collector to buy them

  14. Becky says:

    I have the following pieces:

    Hostess bell
    2 wine goblets
    Salt shaker
    2 salad plates

    If interested email me. I have pictures.

  15. Amy says:

    A friend of mine is moving and would like to sell her very large Avon Cape Cod set. There are so many pieces; the only thing missing is the glass top to the huricane candle, and maybe one other mug. I have pictures that I will be happy to send you. They do not have their original boxes. She is asking $1800 for everything plus shipping, but I’m sure she would easily work with someone that needs them shipped. When she had them appraised, it came to over $4,000. Please email me if you are interested. She is located in central Nebraska. myezroad @ hotmail.com (remove spaces)

  16. Suzie Estep says:

    In some pictures there seems to be a cookie jar with a lid with a big knob on top but can’t find it anywhere on the internet is that a piece in the collection? I need a complete real check list.

  17. TAMMY says:

    I have 50 pcs for sell. 9 dinner plates, set of s&p, wine decanter with top, relish tray, 12 wine goblets, 8 dessert plates, 4 coffee mugs, sugar bowl & creamer, 8 dessert bowls, crust, 2 short candle holders, 2 plain red juice glasses, 2 tall candle holders not cape cod makes 54 pcs. 7063839151

  18. elizabeth says:

    i have a set of 73pc cape cod cranberry color serving set for 8 original bubble bath candle holders still filled. if any one is interest i would be willing to sale complete set for $600 my email is umolley22@mail.com

  19. Kristi Garland says:

    We have a very large quantity (135 pieces) of Avon Cape Cod Ruby Red Dishes that have been collected since the 70’s for sale. Would like to sell as a complete set: 8 champagne, 7 water, 16 tall tumblers, 8 coffee cups & saucers, 6 mugs, 9 white wine, 8 red wine, 8 bread & butter plates, 8 salad plates, 2 pie plates, 2 serving platters, 3 serving bowls, 8 soup bowls, 10 dinner plates, 7 fruit and dessert bowls, 2 cake stands, 1 cake server, 2 sets of cream and sugar, 1 set of salt and pepper, 1 butter dish, 2 curette, 2 decanters with stoppers, 2 dinner bells, 1 water pitchers 1 heart shape trinket box, 4 tall candle sticks, 2 short candle sticks, 3 hurricane lamps without glass, 1 vase. Please contact if interested for price for all at ingeellis@msn.com

  20. Mike Haugsness says:

    I have a large collection of the Avon Cape Cod dishes that my dad has collected over the years. There are over 220 pieces that he has collected. Items have never been used and a small number of the items are still in boxes. Locate in North Texas. Can price per piece or for everything. Email me at hawk98kansas@zoho.com

  21. gsbeliever says:

    12 Water Goblets
    12 Wine Goblets
    1 Dessert Bowl
    1 Dessert Plate

    All in EC and in original boxes w/o candles. $100 for all plus actual shipping charge. Located in Elmira, NY. Pics available. spoley@stny.rr.com

  22. Christy Gemmell says:

    I have a COMPLETE set for 12! located in Alabama but will try to work with you on the price! the set has never been used! still have a few of the original plate boxes! Set includes 12 dinner plates, 12 dessert plates,12 salad plates,12 water goblets,12 wine glasses, wine bottle, 12 coffee mugs, butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, sugar and creamer set, 2 candle holders, large pitcher, meat platter and flower vase! if interested please contact me at anytime @ teetee3x@gmail.com

  23. Wendy Vann says:

    I have the following set of Cape Cod with almost all in original boxes. Serving bowl
    2 Condiment dishes
    Cake cutter
    Butter dish
    2 short candle holders
    2 tall candle holders
    2 cruet
    1 creamer bowl
    2 sugar bowls
    Salt and pepper shaker
    Wine decanter
    Hurricane candle holder
    2 tiered serving dish
    Candy dish
    7 desert bowls
    8 large plates
    12 desert plates
    10 wine goblets
    8 water goblets
    4 mugs
    4 bread and butter dishes
    4 napkin rings
    Please contact me at wendy.vann@att.net if your interested –

  24. Holly Sewell says:

    I have a 1876 cape code ruby red wine glass candle holder.. just wondering if someone can tell me what its worth

  25. HillCo says:

    I have a complete 50 person setting of this glassware. Plus 10 cake plates, 15 2-tier dessert servers, butter dishes, relish trays, etc. (one for every 4 people). Plus salt and pepper and sugar and creamer for every 2 people. I have all the extra serving pieces – platters, serving bowls, pie server plates, cake/pie servers. Napkin holders, candle holders (all 3 sizes), candy dishes, plus heart boxes, bells, and even 50 of the Christmas ornaments. Pitchers, cruets, wine, champagne, and water glasses, plus wine decanter and mugs and cup and saucers. I love this stuff and it looks great at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

  26. samgreen says:

    Do any of you have a list or know where I can find a list of what pieces are in this set? I can’t seem to find one, and I want to be able to check what I have and figure out what it is I need. Thanks!

  27. BUNNY says:


  28. Terri J says:

    I am looking to find someone with the whole set, selling at a reasonable offer and if you are in Maine that would be a huge bonus as the shipping I am sure will be a lot. I have wanted to buy for awhile but just stumbled across this site so I would also need someone that is willing to let me save up in case I don’t have the full amount you are asking for.

    • Christy Gemmell says:

      I have a COMPLETE set for 12! located in Alabama though but will try to work with you on the price! the set has never been used! still have a few of the original plate boxes! Set includes 12 dinner plates, 12 dessert plates,12 salad plates,12 water goblets,12 wine glasses, wine bottle, 12 coffee mugs, butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, sugar and creamer set, 2 candle holders, large pitcher, meat platter and flower vase! if interested please contact me at anytime @ teetee3x@gmail.com

  29. bonne says:

    hello …I have a complete set also …if anyone is interested let me know ..seems that they are very popular …they are in the boxes …never been used …thank u all for the info ..wasn’t sure what I should expect for a good price …email bjbrothers@outlook.com

  30. Anita says:

    I got the whole Cape Cod collection for my mother when I was selling Avon.
    Now I have them and they are just gathering dust, they are in excellent condition, no chips and many of
    the boxes. I am cataloging them now and finding out exactly what all I have. I will be interested in selling
    them when I get them all listed. I will sell them only as a set. My zip is 80911, and I have no idea about
    shipping costs.

  31. Jackie Shaver says:

    I have a complete set of service for 12 in the original box in pristine condition. If interested in purchasing, please contact me. My e-mail is jackitim@aol.com

  32. Jackie Shaver says:

    I have a complete set of service for 12 in the original box in pristine condition. If interested in purchasing, please contact me.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I have many of the Red Avon pieces in boxes still if you are looking for a piece, please send me an email.

  34. carol geiling says:

    i have a 12 piece set of dishes for sale. if any one is interested please give a holler.

  35. Connie Shepherd says:

    I have several pieces of the 1976 Cape Code collection. Just wondering if they would be dishwasher safe? I have always just hand washed but would like to use dishwasher if it will not damage them

    • Donelle Coach says:

      No they are not to be placed in the dishwasher. I will ruin the color. If you have one of the original boxes it will tell you that it is not dishwasher safe.

  36. Marsha says:

    I have an entire collection for sale….please email if interested

  37. Patti Brady says:

    I have complete set of the Cape Cod Ruby red dinner plates (8). Make an offer and I’ll decide if you may be the new owner of these beauties. No chips nor boxes.
    I think I have 2 or three of the same drinking goblets.
    970 749 3079 cell

  38. frank bennett says:

    do you know anybody that has blue cobalt dishes or sapphire blue or anyone that wants to buy them

  39. lamar gatherum says:

    wanted plates and glasses and more

    • judy says:

      I had two hundred and twenty pieces of Cape Cod glassware after looking at this site I noticed I have almost all that was on this site if you’re interested what I got please give me a text message at 575 420 1998 you can make me an offer for the whole entire set also have 2 sets of 8 glasses of French vintage waiting to hear from you to reply

  40. Alv says:

    when was this written because I am having trouble finding people that want it right now…I have alot I need to catalog what all I have and I have the book.

  41. Carla Holder says:

    Does anyone have cape cod pieces to sell? Please email carla.holder@dciinc.org

  42. Debbie says:

    I have this whole collection, plus some. My mother in law put it together for my husband, and we are now downsizing and this is one of the things going. If interested I can send pictures of what we have. Let me know. farmgirl7710@aol.com

    • Carla Holder says:

      I don’t need a whole set (unless very reasonably priced) but I do need quite a bit. Do you still have the set or any pieces to sell?

      • Debbie says:

        Carla are you still looking for pieces for you collection? Let me know. Getting ready to start listing all of it. Debbie

  43. Pat Allen says:

    what cape cod candle holders
    what is their value now ?

  44. Paula says:

    I am downsizing and have a great deal of the collection, not all of it. Trying to get a list together to put out here .. I live in MA area.. if interested please email paulac@hp.com

  45. Tracy says:

    I have 2 complete sets – brand new still in the box.
    Make me an offer!


    • Carla Holder says:

      Tracy do you still have your cape cod collections? I wouldn’t know what a respectable offer would be. I just purchased my first pieces today at a yard sale for 50.00 that included 10 salad plates, 2 wine decanters, 4 highball glasses, 3 cruets, 2 tall candle holders, 1 hurricane candle holder, 4 salt and pepper shakers,9 wine/cordial goblets, 1 tea/water pitcher. Now of course, I want to add more 🙂

      • Alv says:

        it’s worth quite a bit more than you paid at the yard sale…just FYI…it’s like $20+ per piece…

      • Alyssa says:

        I collected a few pieces way back in early 90s. I have a couple of things posted in my etsy store mostly serving plate and bowl plus salt and pepper. I started collecting it and then switched to collecting pink depression dishes. I know I have even more cape cod so if you are interested please email me.
        The name of my etsy store is etsy.com/shop/WhyWeLoveThePast.

  46. Candy says:

    Looking to replace some of my Cape Cod wine glasses that sadly did not make the move to Florida with the rest of us. These have a clear base and measure 8 inches tall and are similar in design to the Waterford crystal but I know are Avon. Anyone seeing these around or can direct me?

  47. Jennifer M says:

    I have some to sell – at least 4 of everything.

  48. Barb says:

    I have a set of 4 of most of the collection. I will sell them is anyone is interested.

  49. Tammy Wright says:

    Have you sold the set yet? Has she set a price? I would be interested in the whole set. My zip code is 76114. Could you give me a price with hsipping and insurance?

    • richard tracy says:

      My wife has a complete set of avonred ruby cape cod collection. she is very serious about selling all. all pcs, in great condition, no chips cracks, an sorry to say, no boxes, if u want u can reach me at, 1-740-246-5562, fairield co. ohio, thanks

  50. Kathy says:

    I am helping a good friend downsize and she has the following pieces, most if which are in the original boxes. She would like to sell them either individually or as a set. If interested please email me at kzallman@gmail.com.

    6 dinner plates, 6 tall beverage glasses, 12 claret wine glasses, 1 cruet, 1 serving bowl, 1 dessert bowl, 1 soup bowl, 1 butter dish, 1 tall candlestick, 1 hurricane candle and 1 wine decanter.

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