Avon Cape Cod Glass Salt Shaker

There is the Cape Cod Salt and Pepper Shakers, and also the Salt Shaker containing Charisma Cologne. This can be a little confusing, but here are the Avon boxes so you can see the difference:

First, here is the Avon Salt and Pepper Shakers from the Cape Code Glass Collection, released in 1984 and which is about 4-1/2 inches high:

Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

Now, here is the Avon Salt Shaker that originally came with Cologne (different types of cologne, such as Charisma and Topaze):

Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

You can either collect the bottle, or collect a pair to have one for salt and pepper, or try to collect every different cologne box Avon has marketed the salt shaker in. Beyond Charisma and Topaze cologne we have not tried to identify additional box types.

These are often available in pairs, as a salt and pepper shaker. Most of the prices we have seen are between $3 and $10.

Many factors can have a substantial influence on the price, such as the condition of the item, quality of the seller, the need to absolutely have the item, the time of the year (such as Christmas), whether an original Avon box is included, etc.


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