Avon Cape Cod Glass Butter Dish

Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Butter Dish
The Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Butter Dish.

It is of of course ruby red and measures about 7 inches long by 3 and 1/2 inches in height.

You can show this piece either with the lid on or off. It looks great with the lid on, although some may want to prop the lid as a backdrop and to use the bottom base as a tray.

The prices we have seen are most commonly in the range between $20 and $30. However, we have also seen many sold in the $10 range. One recently went for $3. It can be hit or miss

But of course many variables can have a drastic effect on the price, such as the condition of the item, quality of the seller, the need to absolutely have the item, the time of the year (such as Christmas), whether an original Avon box is included, etc.


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    I have to many to list but I have a few sets of 1876 Cap Code Collections available please contact me if interest at 845-380-7627 OR EMAIL

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