Avon Cape Cod Glass 2-Tier Tidbit Tray

Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass 2-Tier Tidbit Tray
The Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass 2-Tier Tidbit Tray.

This useful and very lovely tray stands an impressive 10 inches tall. The upper tray is about 7-3/8 inches in diameter and the lower tray is about 10-3/4 inches in diameter.

This hard to find tray is no longer made by Avon.

The most common prices we have seen for this unique two-tier tray are between $30 and $70. At times prices have hit $100.

Several different variables can have a drastic effect on the price, such as how many of these trays are on the market, their condition, the seller’s reputation, the need to absolutely have the item, the time of the year (such as Christmas), whether an original Avon box is included, etc.


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  1. sandra copley says:

    2-tier tidbit tray salt and pepper desert bowl never been used in hutch since purchased will take 100.00 for all

  2. ivanka says:

    Considering buying, please indicate price and other info


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