Avon Christmas Stein

There are a couple real nice Avon Christmas Steins. Here is the “Avon Father Christmas” Stein that was created in 1994.

Avon Father Christmas Stein - 1994

Avon Father Christmas Stein - 1994

This handsome, intricately detailed ceramic stein portrays traditional images of santa claus and the quaint charm of turn-of-the century holiday celebrations.

One side of the stein depicts jolly old st. Nick with a bagful of toys and a twinkle in his eye.

On the other side, santa listens while two enchanted children tell him their christmas wishes.

The body of the stein also portrays the joyous rituals of bringing home the tree and skating on the village pond.

The pewter lid is adorned with a ceramic snow-covered tree, and a delicate pewter snowflake services as thumb-pull.

The avon father christmas stein is dated and numbered for collectors and bears avon’s source of fine collectibles symbol, your assurance of the finest quality and craftsmanship and of the highest standards of excellence.

A couple years later, in 1996, Avon came out with the “A Christmas Carol” Stein, seen below:

Avon A Christmas Carol Stein - 1996

Avon A Christmas Carol Stein - 1996

Avon A Christmas Carol Stein - Bottom

Avon A Christmas Carol Stein - Bottom

A Christmas Carol Stein, Made by Ceramarte exclusively for Avon.

It has a colored scene on the front – shown and with ornate detailing around the stein, pewter lid base with thumb tab. Of course, a beautiful picture of Mr. Scrooge!

The lid has a caroler with gifts on top and a face on the underside.

This stein is about 10 inches tall from base to lid and is just about 4-1/2″ across the bottom and just over 3″ across the mouth. It is made in Brazil.


5 Responses to “Avon Christmas Stein”
  1. Butch says:

    I have a large set of Avon Steins that go back to 1977 until 1995 i sold Avon and bought one each have been selling to people any one wanting to know more please let me know and i will reply with what I can. They are in there boxes some never have been removed. They were in storage for a bit and the plastic did not protect about 8 boxes, they got a slight dampness in them.Butch

  2. gwen loyd says:

    I’m looking for the Harley davidson avon stein

    • Fred Maurer says:

      I have a friend that has about 25 steins…all in original boxes with certificates..which one are you looking for as I know he has at least one Harley mug..94252…

  3. James Pallan says:

    Ihave 1976 thru 2005. 21 with boxes and 19 without. Also some minis. 3 endangered species and 7others. I do not know how complete the set is but quite a few.

  4. Jennifer Jordan says:

    I just bought a collection of Avon steins, and I have 1976 through 2001. I am wondering how many were made as I would like to track down the entire collection. Does anyone know? Thank you!

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