Avon 1983 Football Stein

Pictures of Avon’s 1983 Football stein:

Avon 1983 Football Stein

Avon 1983 Football Stein

Handcrafted in Brazil, this full color stein with a football above the handle depicts common poses from the great game of football.



6 Responses to “Avon 1983 Football Stein”
  1. Brandon H. says:

    I have the same football Stine from 1983 but the serial number is 02153 is the value anymore and if so does any1 know what it’s worth?? Thank U

  2. Roy Thomas says:

    I also have a 1983 AVON football from 1900-1980 beer stein. It has the vintage uniforms and its lit is a football helmet with a football to open the stein lid. On the bottom of the stein it says AVON and in cursive Handcrafted in Brazil exclusively for Avon Products (some word I cant make out) , 1983. 220364. Also has a sticker that says Made Ceramarte In Brazil. Its in great shape, no damage to it. My question is what is it’s value? I see estimates from 10$ all the way to 90$. How would I find out?
    Thank You for your help

  3. Alan says:

    I have about 30 old Steins that must be sold

  4. Lori Chase says:

    I have the same stein as I see above That somebody else is asking its worth. It is a 1983 Rainbow trout and English Settler stein made in Brazil, ser number is 171752. Do these have value.

  5. lawrence cheatham says:

    i have a football stien 1983 ser.no.322867 ceramarte brazil and a hunting,fishing stien ser.no.360899 ceramarte brazil. how much are they worth ?

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