Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Pictures of Avon’s 1980 Cattle Drive stein. The following labels are shown at the base of the stein:

Cattle Drive
Chuck Wagon
Stage Coach

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein

This Avon “Cattle Drive” stein has a cowboy or western theme and was made in 1980.

Handcrafted in Brazil. The stein is about 9 inches tall, about 4 inches wide at the base, is about 3 inches wide at the top and at the widest part is about 6 -1/2 inches wide.

This is a very detailed and desirable stein. The background is an ivory and brown color. Near the top and bottom is a reddish-brown stripe.

As seen in the stein pictures it has detailed and raised pictures of a chuck wagon, roping, stage coach, and cattle drive.



8 Responses to “Avon 1980 Cattle Drive Stein”
  1. Trish says:

    Avon 1980 beer stein made ceramarte in Brazil numbered 126286. Anyone know the value. I see some in these series cost more than others

  2. Alena phillips says:

    would like to know the value of my 1980 Western Horse Round up Cowboy Wild Horse beer Stein #-159684 is. No Box or Papers on it. please & Thank You.

  3. Angel says:

    How much would number 127906 be worth it’s the cattle drive from 1980 decent condition no box thanks

    • Loulou says:

      I have four beer Steins from Avon number 459926 it’s a chuckwagon cattle drive
      Number A00337 this is the English setter the strike rainbow trout
      Number 189774 this is the 1910 Stanley Steemer 1911 Ford model
      Number 35697 the building of America stein collection the blacksmith
      Can you please tell me what these would be approximately worth
      Thank you

  4. richard boccardi says:

    After looking at a number of 1980 Avon cattle drive stiens. I noticed a slight difference in the number of steins I saw. Although all the art work and basic color and art design was the same in the cattle drive stein the shape was different in a number of steins. Although my stein is numbered at 251070. How many steins were made in the shape and does it make it a more desirable and valuable do to the different physical shape design not the art work.

  5. jill says:

    I also have one #247181. Could you give me a value price?

  6. darius tyler says:

    I have a cowboy cattle drive stein craft # 52670, handcrafted in Brazil exclusively for Avon in 1980. I do not have box but piece is in mint condition. It has never been used only displayed. Can you give me a value price for this piece?

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