Winter Velvet

Avon Barbie – Winter Velvet

This Avon exclusive was introduced in 1995.

barbie winter velvet closeup

Barbie is shown with an incredible mane of hair flowing down around her, down to her waist. It is almost a coat.

The doll has dangled earrings with large metallic studs, and her mouth is open with a smile. Around her neck is a metallic necklace that looks like pearls.

Naturally, to fit the name Winter Velvet, Barbie is dressed in a thick, deep blue, velvety topcoat.

There is a silvery bow and her lower portion has a silver and white dress adorned with flowery designs.

barbie winter velvet

There is also a black / African American version of Winter Velvet:

barbie winter velvet black

The product number for this doll is 15571.


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