Winter Splendor

Avon Barbie – Winter Splendor

This Avon exclusive was produced in 1998. The doll is product number 19357.

barbie winter splendor

This is an extremely elegant Barbie. The doll is shown in a wonderful black and red dress.

The lower portion is a vibrant and shimmering red. The upper part is black and appears strapless, with large shoulder puffs. Elbow length black gloves provide an exotic match.

In the middle of Barbie’s chest is a simple jewelry decoration.

This Barbie’s lips are closed without a hint of any teeth.

She is wearing a red head back which keeps most of her hair up on top of her head, except for bangs coming down in front. Her earrings, gold and red, match the color of her hair and headband.

barbie winter splendor closeup


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