Winter Rhapsody

Avon Barbie – Winter Rhapsody

Issued in 1996, Winter Rhapsody is an Avon exclusive Barbie doll.

Here is a closeup of this happy face getting ready for winter:

barbie winter rhapsody closeup

Barbie is blonde, and appears even more so with the large white and puffy fur feature around her neck.

She is wearing gold earrings, a gold neck band, and her red dress is accentuated with a gold bow.

Her dress features more white, puffy fur around the wrists.

The lower portion is an interesting plaid with red, purple, pink, and green. It is not the most glamorous dress we have seen Barbie in.

Here is a full length view of the doll:

barbie winter rhapsody

There is also a black or African American version of Barbie:

barbie winter rhapsody black

The front of the original box is simple. Bright gold with star accents.

barbie winter rhapsody box


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