Strawberry Sorbet

Avon Barbie – Strawberry Sorbet

Is there a yummier name for a Barbie doll than strawberry sorbet?

This full figured, pink Barbie looks just like her name:

barbie strawberry sorbet

This blonde and blue-eyed barbie has a pink skirt with strawberries on it. A yellow sash on the front with another strawberry. A hot pink shirt, soft pink lips, and strawberry pink earrings.

Strawberry Sorbet is an Avon exclusive made in 1998.

The front of her original box is simple and not that original, although a bit fun. White with strawberries.

barbie strawberry sorbet box front

The back of the box has presents and picnic items. Apparently, Barbie is having a party in the park and you’re invited!

barbie strawberry sorbet box back


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