Sterling Silver Rose

Avon Barbie – Sterling Silver Rose

barbie sterling rose

This Barbie Doll, called Sterling Silver Rose, was designed by Bob Mackie. Mackie is a well-known fashion designer of the stars and is a member of the television hall of fame for his numerous tv costumes. He is also known for his custom Barbie clothes.

Sterling Silver Rose was created in 2002.

Enveloped in purple, Barbie has two-toned hair. Mostly purple, but with a dash of blonde in front. Her hair is cut short on the sides with straight angles, but piled high on top of her head in a cone shape. At the top of the cone hair mysteriously appears in an ‘s’ shaped swirl.

Barbie has purple lips and a closed mouth.

Here is a closeup of her face and the design work in action:

barbie sterling rose closeup

The doll’s dress is mostly dark purple with a lighter colored, purple flower extending across her left breast and breaking out into a large flower on top of her shoulder.

Barbie has light purple, arm-length gloves.

Sterling Rose by Bob Mackie comes in a fashion designer’s box.

This is what the front looks like:

barbie sterling rose box front

You will see the box says Mackie exclusively designed this Barbie for Avon.

The back of the box:

barbie sterling rose box back

The message from Bob Mackie states:

Carefully cultivated, completely unique, the sterling silver rose is a beloved treasure redefined in glorious shades of purple. Lovely in form and breathtaking in color, the classic rose reaches full bloom. Now, the original purple rose inspires another classic beauty: The Sterline Silver Rose Barbie doll.

The Sterling Silver Rose Barbie doll captures this flower’s unique splendor. Created by renowned fashion designer Bob Mackie, her alluring gown features a slim silhouette contrasted by a lavender tulle bouffant. A single, silvery rose embellishes the deep purple, velvety dress. The remarkable hues of The Sterling Silver Rose are repeated in her intricately styled, platinum updo, highlighted with lavender. Totally modern, completely classic, entirely Mackie and only from Avon.

For years, Bob Mackie’s designs have graced the most famous stars in the entertainment industry as well as the most glamorous women throughout the world. Mackie’s stunning costume designs have earned him a total of eight Emmy Awards, 31 Emmy Award nominations, and three Academy Award nominations. His innovative work in the entertainment world is legendary. In 1990, Mackie glamour reached the pinnacle of fantasy when he began designing for the definitive fashion doll – Barbie.


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