Hooray for Hollywood

Avon Barbie – Hooray for Hollywood

Made in 1992, Hooray for Hollywood shows a very stylish Barbie.

barbie hooray for hollywood closeup

Barbie is shown with a high hair-do swept to one side. She is wearing gold and pearl earrings, which match her dress.

Barbie is smiling and showing a hint of her pearly whites. Since this is Hollywood, she has a sexy mole below her left eye.

Her full-length dress is all gold and she is wearing a white, fur shawl.

According to the Hollywood accessories, Barbie is making a movie called Sweet Romance.

barbie hooray for hollywood

The box for this doll has a front door which opens out. On the inside is a black and white picture of glamorous Barbie.

barbie hooray for hollywood box

In addition to the blonde version, there is also a Hispanic or brunette version.

barbie hooray for hollywood hispanic

There is also a black / African American version of the Hooray for Hollywood doll.

barbie hooray for hollywood black


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