Exotic Intrigue

Avon Barbie – Exotic Intrigue

barbie exotic intrigue

Created in 2003, Exotic Intrigue is a collectibles exclusively designed for Avon.

Here is a closeup picture of this Barbie doll:

barbie exotic intrigue closeup

Barbie has golden yellow hair that is twisted up into a bun on top of her head.

She could be called the ruby red Barbie.

Her lips are a dark ruby red which matches the color of the skirt portion of her dress. The color also matches a flower placed on her left shoulder. Although her lips are boldly colored, her mouth is closed. The ruby coloring also matches the color of the outer box this doll comes shipped in.

The top part of her dress is a lighter color of red. Across her mid-section is a silver mesh held on by another ruby red belt.

The white, Caucasian Barbie has blue eyes, thin eyebrows, and if any part of this doll is smiling it is her eyes with the long eye lashes.

There is also a black, African-American version of this doll:

barbie exotic intrigue black

Here is a facial closeup:

barbie exotic intrigue black closeup

You can see she is similarly dressed in ruby red. In this picture you can see what appears to be a mole above her right upper lip.

Her eyes are brown and this is definitely an exotic look.

This is the Hispanic version of the Exotic Intrigue doll:

barbie exotic intrigue hispanic

The box for the Hispanic doll is written in both English and Spanish.

Here is a closeup of the doll’s face:

barbie exotic intrigue hispanic closeup

You will notice the sexy mole is below her left eye.

Three different versions, each definitely sultry.

Authentic, and most valuable of these collectibles will come with a certificate of authority. This is what you are looking for:

barbie exotic intrigue coa

The certificate of authority warrants that this doll was created exclusively for Barbie.

In the lower left corner is a custom number for your collectible.


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