Blushing Bride

Avon Barbie – Blushing Bride

This exclusive Avon Barbie doll was created in 1999 and features a blushing bride.

barbie blushing bride

Almost a foot high, this Barbie is about to have her wedding dreams come true. Her sophisticated wedding gown has accents which are silver and subtle, with wonderful white roses in her bouquet and around her waist.

A tulle veil frames her beautiful face which has a touch of pink blush on her cheeks.

This is the wedding Barbie has dreamed of!

With flowing blonde hair, light red lipstick, and a pearl necklace and earrings, this smiling Barbie is showing a touch of teeth on her happy day.

Here is a close up showing her happy face:

barbie blushing bride closeup

There is also a black or African American version of the blushing bride doll:

barbie blushing bride black

The front of the box is simple and appears to be a wedding present:

barbie blushing bride box front


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  1. Alexis Lynn says:

    I have 3 barbies and a cabbage patch that are in great condition never been opened or anything.

    I have a: blushing bride barbie.
    a timeless silhouette
    a barbie as rapunzel
    krya lee Millennium Celebration cabbage patch

    I was wondering if you would buy them off me.

    Thank you,
    Alexis Lynn

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