Ballet Masquerade

Avon Barbie – Ballet Masquerade

Created in 2000, this fanciful ballerina doll is a shimmering, feathering delight.

barbie ballet masquerade

Barbie has her hair pinned up on top of her head so it will not get in her way while doing ballet twirls.

Her outfit is silver white, which matches her ballet slippers which also have bows. The bows match the one in her hair.

Barbie is sporting silver earrings and has soft pink, lips. There is not the hint of any teeth.

Barbie’s ballet out consists of huge feathers covering a silver outfit with a design in the middle of her bosom.

In addition to the ballet, since masquerade is part of the doll’s name, as an accessory there is a hand held pink mask which Barbie can hide behind to mask her true identity until she chooses to reveal it.

barbie ballet masquerade closeup

In addition to the ‘regular’ Barbie doll, Ballet Masquerade also comes in a Hispanic version.

barbie ballet masquerade hispanic

There is a black or African American version of the dolls:

barbie ballet masquerade black

The box for this Avon doll is a watercolor in pastel colors. In could be a floral scene.

barbie ballet masquerade box


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