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36 Responses to “Tell Us Your Story”
  1. Martha buhl says:

    Cleaning out attic, I need to get rid of my avon bottles…
    I don’t have a lot of time to organize sale, but would gladly give them to anyone near me, westchester county ny, north salem

  2. Ruth Powers says:

    When my Aunt passes away in 1990 and we went thought her things I found this bottle it is a Saint Bernard After Shave Wild County 5Fl. oz and I like to know if it is worth anything I’v had it now for just about 27 years

  3. Robert Nowell says:

    Greetings from Rock Hill, SC. I have a “Great Dogs of the Outdoors Stein” in mint condition, however, I do not have the box or certificate. Would you please tell me what it is worth?

  4. Chyrel Hough says:

    I have a collection of many, many Avon bottles, figurines, the Avon’s 1876 Cape Cod Collection; all with boxes and a fine china cabinet w/six shelves and lights. I am looking for a serious buyer.

  5. Dave dandron says:

    I have a green jar 4inches in dia. With plastic cover with number 12 on bottom does anybody have a idea. Maybe face cream.

  6. Nic says:

    Hi I have a stein with 1911 model t, 1910 Stanley steamer, 1936 MG, 1927 bugatti on it serial number 373854. I can’t find it on your site for the age and story. Please help. Kind regards, nic.

  7. Deb says:

    I have the first mrs. Albee barbies, I bought them when my mother was selling Avon in the 1980’s
    I want to sell them, I’m not sure what they are selling for, they are in good condition, they are still in the box.

  8. linda borisy says:

    i have a 1999 avon santa read me a story the ple holding the books is broken and i would like to get the books that tell the story how do i get them

  9. eldon bryant says:

    I have a dueling pistol 1760, winabago ,and a white rooster with a red comb, plus more . But I wanted to know where I can go to find out what they are worth. Could you please help me. THANK YOU.

  10. sam says:

    I have found one of our mothers avon bottle in the garage and I am wondering if it could be a collectable item. It is a glass fishing lure #23258. can some on repyl if you know? Thank You Sam

  11. Tae'lur D. Jones says:

    I have a small ceramic Duck by Avon from 1978 made in Brazil Hand painted Weiss is on a small gold tag on bottom with a number of 511671 painted on the duck opens like a candy dish never used. Inside is a label in gold stating this is a ceramic organizer is for decorative use only it is not intended for serving food. What is the value if any of such an item. My Mother-in-law gave it to me in 1970 I know it must be at least 50 years old. Do you have any ideas??

  12. Tawnya says:

    I have found at a flea market a old Victorian pendant. It has a woman in a Victorian dress holding and umbrella and I believe the stone in it is November birthstone. It is a gold circle pendant with the woman attached on the circle. on the back it is stamped AVON 0-10k-6F. it is in a small blue metal avon box. if anyone has information on this please let me know.

  13. Frank says:

    I have 6 avon steins with billiard sceens and certificates of authenticity I can not find any info on can you help?

  14. carisa letz says:

    My mother sold avon for years in the 70’s. She passed many years ago. I have alot of entire collections, as well as misc. items. Boxes and boxes. I would love to give it away. Free! all of it. good condition. Must be willing to come and pick it up. I live in Iowa City, IA. Must be willing to take it all.

    • Marie Gill says:

      Hello everyone. I am looking for an old Avon necklace that is a lighthouse goldtone that lights up at the top. I have longed for this because someone stole mine. I loved this piece because whenever I was feeling down I could light the necklace and find peace and serenity. It has been many many years of missing it.

  15. Sandra says:

    My grandma passed away many years ago. She sold Avon for I know must of been at least 36 or better years. And out of all those years she won SO MANY ITEMS from taking top sales rep here in Hot Springs, Ark. I would go to quite a few of the meetings with her.
    I use to get so excited when the leader of the reps whom was there to give awards out and introduce the new items that were fixings to come out, and which ones she wanted everyone to really get their custermers to notice.
    The reason why I’d always get excited was because the item or items that were to be noticed, I got to be The model that she would always put the jewelry on so tha I could walk to every one of the sales reps so that they may get a good look at each item. Then I’d get to keep them.
    After about the fourth meeting, I started giving a piece to each rep, one name by a list till end. Then the items would be mine again. I felt it was only right since my grandma was taking top sales each meeting and would win the awards.
    I’d like to know what if anyone has an list of the awards and the values? I may be interested in selling a few.

  16. charles D'angelo says:

    I purchased a Avon stein- Indians of the American Frontier stein- I notice it’s not on your list that show the values could you please explain Thank you

  17. P. A. Potts says:

    I have a vase that I purchased from an Avon rep in the early 1970’s. It was to be a one-time offering never to be repeated. The vase is a very dark red with gold design painted on and I was told that the vase firing required a lot of gold, since the glass was red. I have never seen another vase like this and am unable to locate one on any website. It was in the Avon catalog. Please tell me if you know of this vase or name a sight where I can locate it.

  18. Mrs . Ray says:

    It is very surprising that you have a and special section for avom collector. Since 1968, I have been using Avon and once I was a representative myself until I had to leave country for 10 years or so..and i did not get avon where we used to be. I love those animal decanter of cologn like Deer, Giraffe etc. A pistol. I am really missing those dust powder container like Occur, Here is my heart Charsima and matching cream perfume. I still have those empty contaner. If I ever known that Avon will discontinue all those lovely container I would have bought more.Topaze, Here is my heart contaner were so nice. I WISH AVON SHOULD START DOING ALL THOSE AGAIN WITH CREAM PERFUME. I am an Indian origin lady and still now today I take presents for my relative. sachet of cream perfume are still preserved by many of my relatives.THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST, i HAVE ONE CATALOGUE OF 1971 OR 72 WHICH IS MY TREASURE. If Avon wants to have it back, come with an offer.
    I must say Avon is not same as it was in 70s. Thank you for reading my comment.Mrs Ray

  19. Avola Fitzwater says:

    I have a 4.5 oz. sealpoint Siamese with big blue glass eyes bottle. It was a gift to me, but I don’t know how long ago. It had cotillion cologne in it and has # 48 stamped on the bottom. I have not seen another one. Could you tell me approximately the value of it?

  20. R. T. NICHOLAS says:


  21. R. T. NICHOLAS says:


  22. Joy says:

    I have the 1979 Ted E. Bear teddy bear cookie jar with the blue shirt. It is brand new, never been used, never been displayed. I got it from my District Manager back in 2003. I have been trying to research exactly what this cookie jar is worth in brand new condition but I find used ones not new ones. I am wanting to sell this cookie jar. Does anyone have any information about this cookie jar and/or have any idea how much it is worth?

  23. Patti Healy says:

    I have stiens to sell

  24. Mitch Kessler says:

    I have a one print of The Blacksmith. Avon stamped with #16215. Can any of the readers help me with a value on this piece. It is in good shape.

  25. denise says:

    I have two tall green 10″ high horses head wild country empty after shave bottle if anyone is interested. Number at the bottom of bottles is 2 and 5, please e-mail.

  26. Doug McElwain says:

    My mom was an Avon representative for 40+ years. Over those years I collected 40 of the big steins and 5 of the smaller steins. I have no interest in selling them one at a time but would welcome offers on the entire collection. Please contact me @ 802-598-0969 if any interest. Thanks.

  27. nancy mcclure says:

    A lady gave him all the whole set.

  28. nancy mcclure says:

    A friend of mine has the set of the avon red cape cod glass set. He wanted to know what he can get out of it.

  29. Kathy Carle says:

    I have the Avon stein collection with cologne and original boxes from the first one in 1976 through 2000 if anybody is interested in this collection.

  30. susie says:

    my husband passed away leaving a bunch of avon bottles of guns, chess mugs and animals. Is there anyone who is interested in pricing them for me? or buy them?

  31. robert casey says:

    i have around 300 cologne bottles 50 cars complete chess set busts of presidents tools sports stuff ect. none opened all for sale by piece or whole collection in denver co. if interesated e mail me and will give my ph.number

  32. maggie says:

    why can’t i find info about my avon gone with the wind products they are rhett and scarlet from the 1980’s if anyone knows please let me know

  33. Robert says:

    My late mother in law passed away and among her possessions was a
    metal rectangular item with a picture of a front door with the words “Avon Calling”
    On the back there is a push button that gives out the Avon chime when depressed.
    I am trying to find out anything about this item including collectability and value.
    She was a top sales person for many years and won many awards this may have
    been one of them as I have been unable to find anything like it when researching
    Avon collectables. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !!!!!

  34. Nancy Smiejek says:

    My Mom was an Avon Lady long ago.. I hava 1971 Avon Calendar Know anything bout those have a Great Day

  35. Valerie Flanagan says:

    I have collected all of the rooms in the Avon Collectible Miniature Furniture and I have been approached by a lady who wants to buy the entire collection.These are no longer available so there must be a price listed on them .Can you tell me what this furniture would be worth now?

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