Mrs. Albee

Mrs. Albee Mr. Albee, also known as Mrs. P.F.E. Albee was Avon’s first representative. She continues to be featured in figurines released by the company.

Mrs. Albee 2015

This is the 2015 Mrs. Albee figurine award. This is the Presidents Club Award. Mrs. Albee is wearing a full length light pink dress. It is adorned with a bright red ribbon and roses. Mrs. Albee is wearing white gloves and a light sun hat.

Mrs. Albee 2014

In 2014 this version of the Mrs. Albee award was given out. Here Mrs. Albee is dressed from head to toe in winter white. She could be in Russia with the white ruffles, turtle-neck and warm white hat.

Mrs. Albee 2013

The 2013 Mrs. Albee award featured a figurine in a full length orange dress with black trim. She is shown behind a sign referring to the California Perfume Company. Wearing white gloves, this is another formal depiction of dress in the late 1800s when Mrs. PFE Albee was making the rounds.

Mrs. Albee 2012

In 2012 the Mrs. Albee figurine wore a white and yellow dress adorned with yellow sunflowers. She is holding a bag which says Avon on the side. She is holding a bottle with a sunflower on the top. As an accessory she has a matching (of course) umbrella covered with yellow sunflowers.

Mrs. Albee 2011

In 2011 the award features Mrs. Albee sitting down on a chair. She is dressed all in white although her hat has some pink flowers on the side. Next to her is an open box featuring various bottles of products for sale.

Mrs. Albee 2010

The 2010 Mrs. Albee award features her in a different look: as a school teacher. She is wearing a burgundy skirt with a pink and white top featuring a burgundy tie. Instead of a hat she has a hair clip. Next to her is a table that has a world globe on top. On a shelf below appear to be various Avon products.


1973 First Lady, Goebel, Mrs. Albee Award Rare

Mrs. Pfe Albee Barbie 1997 2nd In Series SAMPLE DOLL & SIGNED

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Mrs. Albee Bride Musical Figurine

Mrs. Albee President’s Club Porcelain Doll Full Size Some new in Box

President’s Club Recognition 2004 Porcelain MRS ALBEE Figurine Saucer NIB

NIB Vintage 2007 Mrs. Albee Presidents Club Award w/ Matching Mini Figure

Trivia: Avon began as the California Perfume Company.

NIB Vintage 2001 Mrs. Albee Presidents Club Award w/ Matching Mini Figure

NIB Vintage 2006 Mrs. Albee Presidents Club Award w/ Matching Mini Figure

Trivia: Avon began as the California Perfume Company.

New 2017 Mrs. Albee President’s Club Award – Mint – Porcelain Full Size Doll

AVON **Mrs. P.F.E. Albee Award 1982** Porcelain Figurine **NEW IN BOX**

Ms Albee collectable porcelain figurines

AVON **Mrs. P.F.E. Albee Award 1984** Porcelain Figurine**NEW IN BOX**FULL SIZE

1978 Albee Award Figurine 8 3/4″

VINTAGE AVON**Mrs. P.F.E. Albee Award 1992**Porcelain Figurine**NEW IN BOX**

2013-14 Mrs. Albee President’s Club Figures w/Box & Paperwork

FIRST 1978 President’s Club Porcelain Mrs Albee Award Figurine 8 3/4″ Tall


AVON **Mrs. P.F.E. Albee Award 1995** Porcelain Figurine **NEW IN BOX**

Trivia: Avon is one of the most popular collectible in the world.

Mrs. Albee Award 2014 New in Mint Box President’s Club Award


NIB Vintage 2002 Mrs. Albee Presidents Club Award w/ 2 Matching Mini Figure

NIB Vintage 2005 Mrs. Albee Presidents Club Award w/ Matching Mini Figure



AVON ~ MRS. P.F.E. ALBEE Presidents Club 1994 Full size Figurine **NEW IN BOX**


#1825 NRFB Cosmetics Mrs PFE Albee Barbie 1st in Series

BOTH the 1981 & 1982 Mrs. Albee Porcelain Figurines

2007 President’s Club Recognition Porcelain MRS ALBEE Figurine Saucer

VINTAGE AVON **Mrs. P.F.E. Albee Award 1992**Porcelain Figurine **NEW IN BOX**

VINTAGE AVON ~ MRS. P.F.E. ALBEE Presidents Club 1991 Full size Figurine**USED**

Mrs Albee 125th Anniversary Special Edition Figurine MINT in the Box 11.5″


Vintage 1989 Mrs Albee Hand Painted President’s Award Figurine

Trivia: The Avon name started being used in 1939.

Vintage new in bag 1995 mrs. Albee throw

Mrs. PFE Albee First Representative With Lavender Taffeta Hat Barbie Doll

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AVON Presiden’ts Club ANNUAL Mrs. ALBEE AWARD 1997 in box

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Mrs Albee President’s Award FULL Size Figurine 2011-2012 MINT FREE Shipping

AVON – New 2012 Mrs. Albee President’s Club Award with Box and Certificate


Mrs. Albee Award Hand Painted Porcelian with Mini Under Glass Figurine 10″

1997 Mrs. P. F. E. Albee Barbie

AVON Figurine 1998 President’s Club Annual Mrs. Albee Award 10″

1997 MRS PFE Albee Barbie Doll 1st in Series MINT by Mattel NEW in Box

1997 MRS PFE Albee Barbie Doll 2nd in Series MINT Mattel NEW ~Cream Dress

Trivia: Avon issued its first catalog in 1896.

2006 Mrs Albee Award Figurine Large Size and Miniature with boxes

Trivia: Avon is one of the most popular collectible in the world.

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26 Responses to “Mrs. Albee”
  1. Louise Dorval says:

    i have lots of Mrs Albee porcelain dolls for sale
    We are downsizing and I must let these go. They have been well loved for many years, stored in a glass display cabinet in a smoke free home
    Let me know if interested

  2. Colette Barlow says:

    I have Mrs Albee figurines to sell 2007 – 2014 including the mini figurines as well
    as mini petit plate 2008-2009, reg mini plates 2009-2010, and 2010-2011.
    I have no realistic idea of value but I do know I wish to sell them all. They are all in original boxes, never opened or displayed. i have no idea where to or who to approach to sell.
    Can you help?
    Thank you
    Colette Barlow
    Saskatoon, Sask.

  3. Lois says:

    Could you estimate the value of a collection of Mrs. Albee from 1980 to 2016 with 1/3 of them with matching mini figures? In original boxes? If I wanted to sell the collection, could you recommend a dealer or broker?

    • gail says:

      Hey Lois Did you get any info on buyers i have many porcelin president big ones and little ones as matching sets that i would like to sell so I also need info on who purchases (dealers, Brokers) these items I have many albees and other collectables

  4. Pam Puckett says:

    Was there a1993 and 2003 Honor Society cup and saucer made?

  5. 2015 says:

    I am wanting just a 2015 and how much is it? Brenda

  6. Lois Sheely says:

    I have several Avon Mrs. Albies. I haven’t been able to attach pictures but could send them to your email.

    I’m asking $50 for each of them. I have 1991, 1992, 1994, 2000, 2002, 2004& 2006.

    Thank you, Lois

  7. Carolyn Skidmore says:

    I want to buy a 2016 Full size Mrs Albee award winning presidential doll. Please reply

  8. Roseann Carcich says:

    I am interested in purchasing the 2016 full size Mrs. Albee figurine. I also need Moonwind cologne, Here’s my Heart, and Fantasque colognes; both in mint-boxed conditions.

  9. Serj says:

    I do have the following dolls:
    1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993,1994,1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,2005, 2006 . I want to sell them all as set..

  10. Eunice Campbell says:

    I have a ton of Avon cape dishesbstill in the original boxes and a lot of other Avon collectables that I’d love to sale but I’m not sure how to go about doing that

  11. Eunice Campbell says:

    I have about 10 of these figurines with the glass globe in excellent condition no box that I’d like to sale but Idk how to go about doing that.

  12. Fritz says:

    I am needing a 2015 full size albee does not have to have a box

  13. Gena says:

    I have 1990, 1991, and 1992 Miss Albee award dolls. I also have 3 of the 4 seasons of The Four seasons series of plates 1990. Do not have the Winter Plate. I want to sell all

  14. Jerry says:

    You want to much for your Mrs Albees I can get on E Bay for a lot less from $ 25.00 to #35.00

  15. Eugenie Georgion says:

    I have 2012 and 2014 Mrs. Albee new in box, $125 each, also have 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 not in box, mint condition $100 each or 3 for $250. Also accepting reasonable offers, email me

  16. nancy lombardo says:

    I have a in the box AVON Mrs Albee Pfe lamp, looks like its for a end table lamp,
    would like to sale it, the lamp has a Mrs Albee on the glass, i haven’t pulled it out of the
    box yet, my other was a president seller back in the 90’s.I have over 300 boxes of avon products

  17. Joyce Taunton says:

    I have an original 1988 Mrs. Albee. She is holding her purse in her right hand and is standing by a mailbox. She is in absolutely mint condition, but is missing her umbrella that goes in her left hand. I see the hole where the umbrella is supposed to be.
    Is there anybody or anyway that I could purchase an umbrella for her?
    I really want this umbrella and would be very appreciative for your help.

  18. Ilene Glazbrook says:

    My mother was an Avon rep from the 1960’s to ~2000. I have a box of Avon rep awards from those years, & many collectible items, including cologne bottles, Cape Cod ruby glass (many in original boxes), some Mrs Albees ( some with boxes), 3 large steins with boxes ( & 1 small matching stein). I’m downsizing & don’t have room for most of this. Willing to sell in bulk. I’m located in Crete, IL.

  19. geraldine thomas says:

    i want to buy 2015 albee how much is it

  20. Melinda Luke says:

    I have a Revolving Christmas theme Mrs. Albee which plays “Let It Snow”. She is on a wooden base with a musical box built-in and revolves while the music is playing. There are multiple items at her side – a basket with books and wrapped packages, a table with a picture of the only known portrait of MR> ALBEE, a lamp and small Christmas tree (which now only light up occasionally from a separate switch that I presume has a short). Behind these porcelain items is a hand painted wall which appears to be made of plastic with window looking outward and fancy curtains and a wreath. The back side of this wall has two smaller Christmas tree shaped bushes that are meant to light up in spots as well. The ground was sprinkled with snow but is mostly seems washed away. While the back definitely needs repair work to look nice, the front is exquisite. The revolving mechanism is loose so if you wind it up to listen to the music, she revolves in ‘stages’. I’ve tried to explain all the deficiencies on this item – would you be interested in helping me sell her. She is a beautiful piece and I purchased her almost 20 years ago in the current condition she is in now – no further damage. I did not get an original box with her.

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