Avon Nativity Set

Avon Nativity Set

In this picture is the Avon Nativity Set. This wonderful collectible scene features 16 different pieces, including:

Holy Family Set (Baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph)
Standing Angel
Shepherd Boy
Poor Man
Magi Melchoir
Magi Kaspar
Magi Balthasar

But these are not the only nativity scene collectibles that are available. Here is more information about individual pieces before you see listings for currently available items. Each is these is made from porcelain:

Avon Nativity Cow

Avon Nativity Cow

Avon Nativity Cow

Here is the Cow. On the bottom it is stamped Avon Nativity Collectible 1987. Every nativity scene needs at least one cow.

Avon Children in Prayer

Avon Nativity Children in Prayer

Bottom of Avon Nativity in Prayer

This striking piece was made in 1991 and is called “Children in Prayer.” It is a 10th Anniversary Avon Collectible Porcelain Figurine.

Avon Standing Angel

Avon Standing Angel

Avon Nativity Angel Bottom

This Avon Nativity Angel is an impressive six inches high. In the picture above you can see the standing angel with its original box. Then you see the bottom of this porcelain piece showing that it was made in 1987. This is obviously a popular collectible.

Avon Magi Balthasar

Avon Nativity Magi Balthasar

Made in 1982 this is the Avon Magi Balthasar – one of the wise men. This porcelain piece is 6-1/2 inches high.

Avon Shepherd with Lamb

Avon Nativity Sheperd with Lamb

Avon Nativity Sheperd with Lamb

This Avon Nativity Collectible is called “Shepherd with Lamb.” It was made in 1993 and measures 5-3/4 inches tall and the basis is two inches square.

Avon Magi Malchior

Avon Nativity Magi Malchior

Made in 1982, this Avon nativity piece is the Magi Malchior, one of the wise men. This porcelain collectible is about five inches high.

Avon Cherub

Avon Nativity Cherub

This cute collectible is the Avon Nativity Cherub. It is blowing his horn announcing the new baby to the world.

Avon Flying Angel

Avon Nativity Flying Angel

Flying Angel Avon Nativity Piece

This flying angel porcelain piece was made in 1985. This is a “must have” piece to one, or a few, for your nativity scene.

Avon Shepherd


I rally love this piece. It shows an elderly shepherd ready to tend to his flock. It was made in 1983.

Avon Nativity Sheep

Avon Nativity Sheep

Sheep Avon Nativity Piece

Made in 1983, this is the sheep for the Avon nativity scene.

Avon Magi Kaspar

Avon Magi Kaspar

Here is Magi Kaspar, one of the wise men needed for your nativity scene. This Avon piece was made in 1982.

Avon Nativity Virgin Mary

Avon Nativity Virgin Mary

Avon Virgin Mary Collectible

This is the Virgin Mary piece made for your nativity scene. She is on her knees adoring the baby Jesus. The collectible was made in 1981.

Avon Shepherd Boy

Avon Shepherd Boy

This wonderful collectible depicts a young shepherd boy holding a baby lamb on his shoulder.

Avon Nativity Camel

Avon Nativity Camel

Made in 1984 this white camel is part of Avon’s nativity set.

Avon Nativity Stable

Avon Nativity Stable

A basic set piece for the nativity scene is the stable. By itself not as cute as other pieces, but it helps set the overall scene that one expects.

Avon Nativity Inn Keeper

Avon Nativity Inn Keeper

Avon Nativity Inn Keeper

This is the Inn Keeper for your nativity set. He is shown on one knee with a cup or offering in one hand.

Avon Nativity Poor Man

Avon Nativity Poor Man

Avon Nativity Poor Man

A poor man figurine made in 1990 that goes with the Avon Nativity Scene.

Avon Nativity Gabriel

Avon Nativity Gabriel

The Angel Gabriel is shown in this piece. He is blowing his horn to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Avon Nativity Water Jug Woman

Avon Nativity Woman with Water Jug

Made in 1990, this nativity set piece depicts a woman carrying a water jug on the top of her head.

Avon Nativity Joseph

Avon Nativity Joseph Collectible

Joseph is shown here leaning on a staff.

Avon Nativity Baby Jesus

Avon Nativity Baby Jesus

The ultimate centerpiece of your nativity scene is the baby Jesus. Here he is shown peacefully lying down.


30 Responses to “Avon Nativity Set”
  1. Donna Harkey says:

    I have a full Nativity set in original boxes. Would sell for any reasonable price. I also have a large variety of Avon Barbies all in boxes – never opened. Please contact me at 704-550-7289 if interested. Thanks.

  2. Terri says:

    I am trying to buy a replacement wiseman/king or shepherd. Which is the tallest piece in the Avon Nativity?

    Also the description under the Avon Shepherd I think the 2nd word should be really NOT rally. hehehehehe.

    Thanks very much.


  3. Janice Ledo says:

    I have several pieces, but the boxes are damaged. Does anyone have just the boxes for Balthasar, Camel, Donkey, Cow, Holy Family, Kaspar, Melchior, Shepherd, and Standing Angel?

  4. Carole Ulrigg says:

    Looking for the flying Angel. Unbroken. Please call me at 406-549-3921

  5. robert says:

    I have many of the Nativity items along with the 200 plus piece collection over 50 items brand new in the box several top 10 mist popular items my name is Robert you may contact me at 816-206-8587 if interested in the entire lot I will sell it for reasonably low insane price please contact me thank you everyday

  6. Sue says:

    I have several white nativity pieces in original boxes holy family, lamb, 3 wisemen, camel, shepard boy willing to sell let me know what you are looking for

  7. Phyllis Galbreth says:

    I’m interested in the following:
    1) stable or display stand
    2) Angel Gabriel
    3) Inn keeper
    4) Flying Angel
    5) Children in prayer

    • tom says:

      Hello i have some off the stuff u looking for. I have 13 piece collection i have that flying angel praying kids and stable which might not be open yet its in plastick wrap if you interested let me know i also have perfumes soaps and other christmas stuff so please b free to contact with me. Ohh and by the way my name is Tom

  8. Emma Burdett says:

    I have the complete 23 piece porcelain Nativity set with stable in the original boxes dated from 1981 thru 1993. These are in mint condition and am asking $480.00 plus shipping. I’m sorry but I cannot break up the set. Please reply by email. Only serious buyers please.

  9. Rebecca Landers says:

    At a flea market, I purchased a beautiful Avon cow, which looks to me like a piece from a nativity set. This cow is blue! (Light turquoise). It is laying down. Does anyone know which set it might be a part of? I am interested in finding more pieces, but all the Avon sets I see on line are white or multi-color.

  10. MustangSally73 says:

    This is my eBay user name. I have several pieces available, and am listing them as I get to them. I’m listing for 2 retired Avon reps, and some friends who are paring down. It’s easier to say what I do not have: I do NOT have a Stable, Display Stand, Poor Man, Woman with Water Jar, or Joseph alone. At this time, I do have at least one of everything else. My listings are not overpriced! I list slowly, so only a few pieces are there. If you want something in particular, please click on one of my items and ask me about whatever you need. I seldom check messages anywhere except eBay. Thank you for your interest! God bless!!

    • Angie Anderson says:


      Do you have any of the 2011 Nativity pieces? I bought the entire set, but in moving have lost the pieces. I’m looking for Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus.

      • MustangSally73 says:

        To Angie Anderson:
        I do not have any of the 2011 pieces at this time. I’m listing for several people and am unsure what I’ll have until the ladies bring it. The best way to know is to check my eBay listings. I try to list a few pieces each day (health permitting). My eBay store is Hillbilly Handcrafts and Hand Picked. Thanks!

    • Donna says:

      Hi Mustangsally,
      I’m looking for avon nativity Shepherd with Lamb from 1993. Do you have and what are you looking to get for it? Thank you, Donna

      • MustangSally73 says:

        Hi Donna!
        If you’re still searching for the 1993 Shepherd, please check my eBay listings (or subscribe to my store feed). I list as often as my retired rep friends bring a tote full of goodies and never know what I’ll have until one of them brings things for me to list. You can search eBay for a particular seller or a store by using the advanced search on the home page. The Shepherds usually bring about $35 plus shipping. I’ve seen them priced for far more, but my retired friends aren’t overpriced for the most part. Thanks!

    • Johnell Doyle Bowman says:

      Do you have the flying angel?

    • Jayne says:

      I am interested in the angel Gabriel. Please let me know if you have it and asking price.

  11. Gail Robison says:

    I have a 10 piece set with display stand all in their original boxes…….would love to sell without separating the pieces for $150.00, you can contact me at gmrcounselor@gmail.com Thank you

  12. Travis says:

    Hello, I am interested in the Joseph piece. How much would it be for the single piece?

  13. M J Bourbonnais says:

    Am interested in purchasing:
    One (1) 1989 Cherub
    One (1) 1983 Shepard Boy holding a lamb

    Please include prices for each item

  14. Harold says:

    I am interested in the cow figurine made in 1987. Is one available and what is the asking price?

  15. Wil Marks says:

    Wanted the standing angel piece.

  16. d a plank says:

    Seeking 1989 basic set, colored. indicate height of pcs….
    Priced,shipping included

  17. Carole says:

    price please
    Shepherd with lamb around back of neck

  18. Ida Wilburn says:

    I have the 3 pieces, Mary,Joseph, and baby Jesus Heavenly Blessings and would like to know how much they are worth .

  19. Sandra Berry says:

    Already submitted one. Please go back and look.
    Thank u.

  20. Jean Stewart says:

    Price please of the flying angel! Thank you

  21. Cindy Penrose says:

    Hi. I’m interested in the 1985 flying angel and stable. How much you asking for each piece?

    • Marie Tanner says:

      I have the full Nativity set, never opened, in original boxes would sell for any reasonable price. Please call 701-281-4955. Thank you!!

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