Avon Dog Bottle

Avon has made numerous dog-shaped perfume and other bottles over the years.

On this page we catalog a number of our favorites. Farther down on the page are listings of Avon dog bottles currently available for sale.

Avon Dog Bottle

Avon Dog Bottle

Shown above is the Avon Scottish Terrier / Scottie Dog cologne bottle.

This cute bottle is glass and the head is made of white plastic. The friendly terrier has a gold collar. This cologne bottle is three inches by 2 and one-half inches in size.

Noble Prince Wild Country After Shave

Avon German Shepard Perfume Bottle

This after shave bottle features an incredibly adorable but stately looking German Shepard. The dog is looking up, with his or her ears perked straight up, with a friendly look on its face. It might be expecting a treat!

Noble Prince Wild Country After Shave

This is a large bottle that will make an impression on your shelf. About 6 and 3/4 inches tall in a brown or amber colored bottle, this four ounce after shave bottle has a label on the bottom “Noble Prince Wild Country After Shave”

Princess of Yorkshire Topaze Cologne

Avon Yorkshire Cologne

Princess of Yorkshire Topaze Cologne

This cute piece is about 3-1/2 inches tall and is called the Avon Princess of Yorkshire Topaze Cologne.

You will want to look at the label on the bottom of this bottle to correctly identify this piece, because as you are about to see next there is another, almost identical bottle with a different name.

Princess of Yorkshire Sweet Honesty Cologne

Avon Yorkshire Sweet Honesty Cologne

Princess of Yorkshire Sweet Honesty Cologne

This one is called the Avon Princess of Yorkshire Sweet Honesty Cologne.

The friendly Yorkshire dog has rhinestone eyes and is best identified by the label on the bottom of the cologne bottle.

At Points Deep Woods After Shave

Avon Hunting Dog After Shave

Avon At Point Deep Woods After Shave

This fantastic hunting dog after shave decanter makes a wonderful collectible. Made in 1973-1974, it depicts a happy hunting dog.

It is a large seven inches long and three and one-half inches wide. The 5 ounce bottle is called the Avon “At Point” Deep Woods After Shave.

Unforgettable Royal Pekingese Cologne

Avon Pekingese Cologne

This wonderful and cute decanter is called “Royal Pekingese.”

The bottle hold 1.5 ounces of “Unforgettable” cologne and is about three and one-half inches tall and wide. The body is made of glass and it white milk colored. It has a matching white plastic top.

Saint Bernard After Shave Decanter

Avon Saint Bernard After Shave

This striking after shave decanter depicts a live saving Saint Bernard with a care package around its neck. This is definitely a unique piece a little different from your everyday after shave bottle.

Faithful Laddie Dog

Avon Laddie Dog Decanter

This is a fun collectible for the family! It is called the Avon Faithful Laddie Dog decanter. It originally held wild country after shave.

The friendly Laddie dog is show playfully lifting its paw towards you. Perhaps it is getting ready to play fetch.

Lot of 12 Perfume Cologne Bottles 2 Empty 10 Partial Cat Car Dog Tree Bee

Trivia: Avon is a leader in funding breast cancer research.

Rare AVON Old Big Mold Glass Dog Shape Perfume Bottle collectible. G14-12

Lot of 11 Vintage Collectible Bottles Guns Cars Boats Pipe Dog

Lot of 6 Perfume Cologne Bottles Sweet Honesty Dogs Bear Angel Frog Lamb

Trivia: Avon has been in business since 1886.

Lot of 6 Moonwind Perfume Bottles 1 Is Empty Dogs Bear Praying Angel

Vintage IRISH SETTER Dog Bottle Empty “At Point” AFTER SHAVE FIGURINE+ Gift

AVON BULL DOG TOBACCO PIPE Wild Country After Shave Glass Bottle

Vtg *AVON Decanter* FULL *BABY BASSET* Hound Dog SWEET HONESTY Cologne, No Box

Trivia: The fastest selling company product was outspoken perfume.

Rare Vintage Empty Cologne Brown Glass Bottles w/ Plastic Heads Horse

Alert: This listing disappears in less than 24 hours!

Wild Country Cologne Bottle Pipe Decanter Sherlock Holmes Bull Dog

Vintage AVON 4 Empty Bottles DOG Decanters Hunting,German Shepard, Blood Hound

FULL—Dark Amber Glass- Irish Setter Retriever Bottle-At Point After Shave

New! Just listed. Check this out before others find it.

Antique AVON perfume bottle empty a poodle dog

Bottle Lot: Duck – Guitar – Antique Gas Pump – Dog – Pheasant -Chess Queen

1970s Rare Vintage BLOODHOUND Dog Pipe Decanter Glass Bottle EMPTY #146

Trivia: Avon is sold in more than one hundred countries in the world.

NICE Vintage 1970s German Shepherd Dog Figurine Whatnot Decanter Bottle 126

Trivia: Avon won its first Good Housekeeping seal of approval in 1931.

Empty Vintage AVON 6″ German Shepard DOG Figurine Perfume Bottle

Vintage SCOTTIE DOG Wheaton MILK Glass Perfume Decanter Bottle USA Scottish

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AVON LOT Royal SWAN, Black Poodle Off Wh Retriever Dog PERFUME BOTTLES Full*

At Point Cologne Bottles Hound Dog Pointer Glass – Deep Woods NEAR MINT

SET OF 3 Vintage Bottle Men’s Gun Pistol, Fisherman Head Pipe,

3 Set Perfume Bottles Frog Shell Dachshund Dog Emerald Prince Somewhere Cologne

glass, pale peach-colored dog with new iridescent eyes

AVON Lady Cocker Spaniel Dog Curio Perfume Bottle 1970s Decor Vintage

Alert: This listing disappears in less than 24 hours!


Set Of Three Vintage Wild Country Cologne Bottles Cowboy, Dog

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  1. Kayla Prouse says:

    I have a whole heap of Avon Aftershave bottles some have been used and some are still full of aftershave in great condition. Feel free to contact me if anyone is interested. 0447174929

  2. Anita baker says:

    I have the peckingese milk glass dog if any one is interested.9404520627

  3. ted says:

    I have an Avon Boxer serial C6313 if me eyes are good that came with Trazarra after shave 100ml liquid. Came from Avon Pointe-Claire Quebec. Still has the ole distinct smell after many years. Thinking of putting it up on KiJiJi. What is a decent price for the beastie??
    Thanks in Advance!
    Ted on South Shore

  4. Julie says:

    Im wanting to sell my cute “Princess of Yorkshire Topaze” perfume bottle. Make me an offer o can’t refuse 🙂

    • Gaetanne says:

      Do you still have the Yorkie bottle?

      • robert says:

        If he doesn’t have the Yorkie I believe I have to also have over 200 pieces 50 + brand new the Box cars perfume bottle animals too many list I will take an unreasonably low price for all of it my name is Robert you may call me at 816-206-8587 anytime afternoon tomorrow and I’ll let you know if I have the Yorkies for sure have a great day

  5. Angela says:

    I have the original mold for the Laddie dog bottle made by Frank Lang who made many of the Avon products in the 60s and 70s. Cool!

  6. lynn says:

    Thank you for sharing your collectibles; you have fantastic items! I accumulate glassware of all varieties and enjoy to run across people with the comparable interests.

  7. steve says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for and apparantly, much more too.

    • Tammy says:

      I have several Avon dog perfume bottles that I am interested in selling… Let me know if there is one you are looking for.

    • robert says:

      If you really collect that much glassware I have over 200 pieces 50 plus new in the box all categories cars perfume bottles animals you name it my name is Robert you may contact me at 816-206-8587 and if you’re interested in all of it it would be the craziest most unreasonable low-price you’ve ever heard of please contact me if you’re interested everyday

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