Avon Company

Numerous internal, company products have also been released. Many of which have now become collectibles. On this page we will be showing a few notable products we have seen:

tiffany plate

Anything sterling silver, and from Tiffany, will be valuable. This particular plate recognized employee Kay Douglas for twenty-five years of service in 1989.

Etched across the plate it states:

In grateful appreciation of twenty-five years of loyal service to Avon Customers

Reads across the center area of plate front:

MAY 1989

Paul B. Markowitz (engrave signature)
President Avon Direct Selling
US. Division

A nice touch from Avon to a loyal employee!

2 Responses to “Avon Company”
  1. Lorna Grube says:

    I have many old Avon train pieces bought in the 80’s or so. Can’t find collection them as collections. Can you help me?

  2. Rita M. McCormack says:

    I have to items in mint condition from Avon. figures of

    1) Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara in ” Gone with the Wind”.

    2) Ginger Rogers as Dinah Barkley in “The Barkleys of Broadway”.

    Wanting to know the resale value.

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