Avon Collectible Cars

Avon Car Bottles are some of the world’s favorite collectibles. Here you will find pictures and information about the many possible decanters and bottles you can add to your collection.

Farther on down the page you will find listings for some of the Avon collectible cars currently available to the purchased.

Here is a special Page for Avon Volkswagen Collectible Cars

Avon Electric Charger

Avon Electric Charger Car Decanter

Avon Electric Charger Car After Shave

This is the Avon “Electric Charger” in a glass bottle that looks like an old horseless carriage. Made between 1970 and 1972, this 5 ounce bottle of Wild Country after shave cologne comes from Avon’s Transportation Series.

This bottle is made of heavy, black glass. There is a red plastic cover for the back of the car. On both sides are red accents. The bottle is 6 inches long, 3-1/4 inches high, and 2-1/2 inches wide.

Avon 1937 Cord

Cord was a short-lived American automobile company that made cars from 1929 to 1932 and again in 1936 and 1937. Although not many were made and the Cord’s unreliability drove away customers, the cars were very striking. In 1984 Avon produced this light yellow bottle celebrating the 1937 Cord:

Avon 1937 Cord

Avon 1937 Cord Front

Avon 1937 Cord Back

As you can see from the pictures of the side of the car, the front, and the rear, this Avon bottle has detailed lines across the body of the car. The wheels and rims are striking. Both the front and rear of the car feature red lights and there are two rows of brown seats.

When someone asks you what the car is, and you answer the 1937 Cord, you had better be prepared to at least tell them the Cord was like a Ford or Chevy. The Cord was the first car with front wheel drive, and as indicated by the bottle it had hidden headlights. This Avon bottle is 8 inches long and 3-1/2 inches wide.

Here is another picture where you can see this collectible with its original box:

1937 Avon Cord Box

This bottle holds 7 ounces, which is one of the bigger automobile bottles Avon has made.

Avon Straight Eight

Avon Car Straight Eight

Here is a vintage 1970s Avon bottle featuring the Straight Eight race car. In the picture you can also see the original box.

The green decanter is adorned on the top with a big red circle with the number 8 printed in bold black lettering. The name “straight eight” comes from an early style where the 8 cylinders in the engine block were placed in a straight line along the crankcase. This type of engine first become popular before World War I, but by World War II it had been completely replaced by more modern engine designs.

Avon 1936 MG

Avon 1936 MG

Avon 1936 MG Top

Avon 1936 MG Bottom

This red and white convertible with the spoked wheels is the 1936 MG. For almost a hundred years the MG has been celebrated as a sporty two-seated car, and it is celebrated in this bottle of Avon Wild Country after shave.

The bottle is about 5-1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide. As you can see in the picture above the white top comes off the bottle. If you find one of the MG’s available, make sure you are getting the top in addition to the red decanter.

Avon 1951 Studebaker

Avon 1951 Studebaker

Front of 1951 Avon Studebaker

Bottom of 1951 Avon Studebaker

The Studebaker is an infamous car manufacturer that went out of business in the 1960s. In this 2 ounce bottle of Wild Country after shave Avon celebrates the 1951 version of the car.

As you can tell from the bottle this was a big car with a lot of metal and chrome. Perfect for the early 1950s.

Avon Solid Gold Cadillac

Avon Solid Gold Cadillac

Avon Cadillac Sold Gold Box

Avon Box for Solid Gold Cadillac

If you are going to drive a Cadillac it might as well be solid gold! That is the name of this large Avon bottle which originally held 6 ounces of Wild Country after shave. A six ounce bottle is one of the bigger car bottles Avon has made.

The gold bottle is about 7-1/2 inches long and 2-1/2 inches high. In the pictures above you can see the car, part of the side of the original box, and the end of the box identifying this as the Solid Gold Cadillac.

Avon Gold Car

This looks like it could be an old Model-T or similar car, but we have not yet positively identified it:

Avon gold car bottle

Avon gold car bottom label

The bottom label states this is an old Tai Winds after shave bottle. It is a golden bottle. The black plastic canopy protecting the driver and passengers in the car is detachable from the bottle.

Avon Green Jaguar

If you have ever driven a Jaguar you know they are sweet cars to drive. And so is this green decanter:

Avon Green Jaguar Car

Avon Green Jaguar Bottle

This fabulous green, Jaguar bottle originally held 5 ounces of Wild Country after shave. The long swooping hood of the car instantly tells you it is a Jaguar.

This bottle is 7 inches long, about 2 inches high, and 2-1/2 inches wide. The bright green will really shine and ‘pop’ on your shelf!

Here is another version:

Avon Jaguar Deep Woods Decanter

As you can see from this box, this Jaguar decanter has Deep Woods after shave cologne.

Avon 1936 Ford

Avon 1936 Ford Bottle

This Avon bottle features a 1936 Ford. The melon color is not our favorite. Far from it. That does not mean it is not worth collecting – because it is. But there may other bottles you want to more prominently feature.

The 1936 Ford bottle originally held 5 ounces of Oland after shave cologne.

Avon 1948 Chrysler Town and Country

Avon 1948 Chrysler Town and Country Bottle

Avon 1948 Chrysler Town and Country Bottle

The decanter features the 1948 Town and Country made by Chrysler. The bottle is rust colored with an Ivory plastic overlay that shows off some fake wood paneling. The overlay goes over most of the middle and back end of the car.

This Avon bottle originally contained Everest after shave. The bottle is about 6-3/4 inches long.

Avon 1953 Ferrari

Avon 1953 Ferrari Bottle

This is the cool 1953 Ferrari bottle from Avon. Smaller than other cars at only five inches long, this decanter originally held two ounces of Wild Country after shave. This car was fast and the bottle looks fast too!

Avon Army Jeep Bottle

Avon Army Jeep Bottle

Now this is a collectible – something you do not see every day! The Avon Army Jeep bottle. This decanter originally held four ounces of Wild Country after shave.

In the picture above you will see the original box. Take note there is an additional piece – a plastic windshield that fits onto the glass jeep bottle.

Avon Rolls Royce

Here are some pictures of the original box for the Avon Rolls Royce after shave bottle:

Avon Rolls Royce Bottle

Avon Rolls Royce Box

If you want a classic bottle then you need a Rolls Royce! It originally held six ounces of Tai Winds after shave. The Avon Rolls Royce bottle is beige to gray in color.

Avon 1955 Chevy

Avon 1955 Chevy Bottle

Bottom of 1955 Avon Chevy After Shave

This aqua and white bottle from Avon features the 1955 Chevrolet. The bottle originally contained pre-shave lotion for electric razors.

The Chevy bottle is seven inches long and 2-1/2 inches tall. The white plastic top comes off, but the car does not look like much without it, so it is best to leave the top on.

AVON Tyres Car Banner Sign Emblem Logo Poster Gagage Workshop Werbebanner New

Trivia: David McConnell is the person who started the company.

Vintage Mens After Shave Collector Cars Full W/original boxes (Rare LOT)

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1960s AVON LIGHTER shaped like a FERRARI car hi quality construction

Tyres Classic/Vintage Side Car Tube Type 350L19 TT 57L Fits Vintage 30-5007

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1960s AVON LIGHTER shaped like a MGB car hi quality construction



4.00-19 AM7 Safety Mileage Side Car Motorcycle Tire


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Tyres Sidecar Triple Duty Tire – 350L-19 1697605 Side Car 350-19 305007

1989 Racing Car Stein 291025 Has paperwork Excellent without box

Perfume AVON bottle shape sport car vintage style

Classic / Vintage Tire, Side Car, 350L19

Trivia: David McConnell is the person who started the company.

How to Build Tiger or GTA Sports Cars for Road or Track: Updated and Revise

Side Car Tire 3.50-19 TT 90000000617

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Antique Model T Car Classics Ceramic Stein Trazarra Cologne 1979 NIB

High Relief Racing Car Commemorative 9″ Stein 1989 NIB Very Decorative

1989 ” Racing Car Stein” C(A)


Side Car Tire Rear 3.50-19 Bias Ply

3.50-19 Side Car Tire

Vtg General Tire Racing Jacket Grabber Satin Nylon Sportswear Hot Rod Car

Side Car Triple Duty Motorcycle Tires – 3.50L-19

Vintage AVON Rare Big Mold Glass Car Shape Aftershave Bottle From New York.

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13 Cars AfterShave Full Box Jaguar,Bugatti,MG,Cord,Checker,Duesenberg,Edsel

Classic Vintage Side Car Tire 350-19

Cars and Steam Boat Cologne Bottles – Set of 6 GREEN truck classic ford

AVON Lot of 36 Collectible Vintage Cologne Bottles Classic Cars Trucks Jeep Bus

1989 Racing Car Stein

Vintage AVON Big Mold Glass Car Shape After Shave Bottle From New York.G14-10


Vintage 1979 Porcelain Hand Crafted in Brazil Car Classics Beer Stein Mug

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Classic Cars Design Handcrafted Stein Made in Brazil for Bristol 1982.



Collectible Car Bottles Full After Shave Thomas Flyer, Cord 37, Steamer etc

Car Classics Ceramic Stein with the Box 1979 and empty cologne bottle

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Large Bottles Lot Classic Cars Motorcycle

Lot of 5 Vintage Collector Glass Cologne Decanters Jaguar Train Dog Car

Trivia: Avon has been in business since 1886.

Lot of 7 Bottle Collection Old Cars Full With Boxs Storage Locker Find


Lot of 9 VINTAGE Cars WITH BOXES, vehicle, automobile, cologne, perfume (w)


Vintage Garage Tyres, Motorsport Old Car, Large Metal/Tin Sign

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Scalextric ” Tyres” Lotus Evora GT4 DPR W/ Lights 1/32 Scale Slot Car C3599

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  1. Nancy says:

    I see a few posting of ones for sale. Could you post pictures of what you have for sale? Looking seriously for around 2 dozen different ones to finish a collection.

  2. Steven hunt says:

    I have a 1963 chevrolet corvette pewter Avon car copyright 1964 with the number 12- A on it; can someone tell me the value?

  3. Brad says:

    I have about 60 cars that I am looking to get rid of. All are full and almost all are in box. Call me at 402-306-4990 if interested in them…

  4. Kim Mealy says:


    I have a avon 55 chevy wild country after shave collectible (full) like the one in the picture above. It is in good condition although the box is torn up a bit. Can you tell me what price I could charge for it.

    Thank you very much

    Kim Mealy

  5. Deborah says:

    Hello, we bought an Avon Cord 1937 ceramic bottle today from a car boot sale. We thought that it was a bottle but we cannot find out how to open it. We don’t want to chip or break it. Just curious that’s all and would like to know.

  6. Nancy Dallas says:

    I have a Jeep renegade and a 1927 Bugatti…are they collectable????

  7. Dennis says:

    5 models available for sale
    1- Straight Eight – full bottle never opened
    2- Touring – ” ”
    3- 36 Ford – ” ”
    4-Wild Country – ”
    5- VW – ” “

  8. joe cerra says:

    have over 100 avon cars most in original boxes make offer

    • Jane Agee says:

      You state you have over 100 cars, are any of these duplicates? I’d like to know how many different cars Avon produced. We have about a dozen that we are ready to clear out – time for down sizing! Thanks.

  9. Sandi says:

    does anyone know when a 1930s Roadster was made and the price? It is in the box which is torn, but Styrofoam case and authentication note are in good shape. It is displayed on a wood base. I tried looking it up, to no avail.


    rare one of a kind green truck avon name molded sideways only one in world. you never find another one, investment 5,000 or best offer serious inquirery only. mreds46@gmail.com

  11. Bryan Eukers says:


    Would you be willing to estimate the value of each:
    1) 1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster, Avon 1983. NOT a bottle. Avon #0845 267-50-40-382020.

    2) 1937 ceramic Cord, Avon 1984. NOT a bottle. Avon# 222-50-40-00646.

    Both are in the box and in excellent condition.


  12. carolyn martin says:

    Are Avon old cars without paper names on bottom worth money

  13. Richard says:

    I have avon cars cologne bottles like the one on this page how can i sell them.

  14. John Salas says:

    I have the following cars made of steel ,approx 3.5 inches long & 1 inch tall. They all show Avon 1984,1955 Ford Thunderbird,1957 Chrysler;300c,1963 chevrolet corvette,& 1964 ford mustang,can someone tell me more about these 4 items please, and what are they worth? Thank you.J.P.S.

  15. Etta Madden says:

    We have a 1955 Ford Thunderbird Decanter w/ Wild Country After Shave
    it is Flacon Ford Thunderbird 1955 What is it worth?

  16. nat gonsalves says:

    what is the army jeep in the org box worth

  17. Tami says:

    what are the avon car after shave 2 fl oz green corvette (just bottle and Big Mack 80HP Oland after shave 6 oz ( in the box) and 1932 auburn boattail speedster (in the box) fair market value going for would like to sell them but have no clue as to charge.

  18. Liz Cardin says:

    What is the worth of a gold cadillac avon bottle.

  19. bob says:

    I have a green Jaguar with deep woods after shave , can you tell me what year this was manufactured.

  20. BOB says:


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