Avon Clocks

Here we will start listing Avon clocks made over the years.

Avon / California Perfume Company 1913 Clock Award

Initially, this is the infamous, gold-plated 1913 award clock given by the California Perfume Co. (Avon’s old name) to representatives who made $60 in sales over three months:

California Perfume Co. 1913 Award Clock

California Perfume Co. 1913 Award Clock

In 1913 the California Perfume Company (Avon’s original name) gave sales representatives who made at least $60 in sales over a 3-month period this wonderful, gold-plated clock as an award:

1913 Avon Award Clock

This was called the 1913 Clock Award.

The clock is gold plated and is approximately 10-3/4 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

The face of the clock says “New Haven U.S.A.” and has a two-inch porcelain dial. Around the bottom it says “Made by the New Haven Clock Co. U.S.A.”

Avon Miniature Gold Clock

Miniature Avon Gold Phone

This miniature gold-toned phone clock is only 2 inches high! It is an interesting collectible, but so small you might lose it unless you carefully mount it in place.

Avon Winter Rose Clock

Avon Winter Rose Clock

This white / ivory colored clock has a row of “Winter Roses” with gold accents across the base. It runs on AA batteries. The large clock face is also outlined in gold, and there is gold trim near the top.

This basic, yet gold accented clock, will fit in very well in many rooms. It was made in 2005, is about 6 inches high, and seem well suited for a fireplace mantel.

Avon Romantic Flowers Clock

2002 Avon Flowers Clock

This clock from Avon was made in 2002 is made of porcelain and has flowers all around it. It has been called the Romantic Flowers Clock, but the opinion here is this is an ugly collectible. On the other hand, for some people this is perfect.

The clock is about 7-1/4 inches high and 5 inches wide.

2002 Avon Honor Society Clock

2002 Avon Honor Society Clock

This is a rare item. The Avon 2002, President’s Club Honor Society Award Clock.

Each year Avon has awards for different sales categories. One of those categories is the President’s Club Honor Society. Traditionally, the award has been a beautiful cup and saucer. However, in 2002 Avon decided to award this quartz clock. Never mess with tradition! Sales representatives were unhappy so the next year Avon went back to awarding a cup and saucer. That helps make this item a unique and rare collectible.

It measures 5-1/4 inches in height and width.


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  1. Steven Orros says:

    Good morning.

    Nice site you have here. I am in need of some info if at all possible. While rummaging thru my late mother’s “STUFF”, I ran across a few bronze clocks. They say President’s Celebration 1974 made in France. They are heavy bronze with a wind up mechanism. The box is Red. These are in pristine condition. The only flaw is the sponge packing seem’s to be deteriorating.

    If pic’s are needed please send reply.


  2. chris says:

    I have an avon cowbow with laso and horse clock with clock in a horse shoe. It works. Was wondering its worth?. Thank you.

  3. john gilbert says:

    negro league baseball players association clock circa1997

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