Avon Cat Bottles

Avon Cat Bottles are the subject of this page. First, you will see pictures of different cat bottles. Then, further down the page links to Avon bottles currently available for sale.

Avon has made numerous perfume and other bottles over the years shaped as a cat.

Avon Cat Bottle

Avon White Cat Moonwind Perfume Bottle

Shown is the Avon white cat Moonwind perfume bottle.

These bottles are in the shape of cats with white porcelain bodies with a plastic head with a blue plastic collar.

Avon White Persian Cat Bottle White Persian Long Haired Cat Perfume Bottle

This vintage perfume / cologne bottle was made by Avon. On the base it says Avon 16.

The bottle is about 2 and 1/4 inches long, 3 and 1/2 inches high, and 1 and 1/2 inches deep.

Avon Black Cat Cotillion Cologne Bottle

Avon Black Cat Cotillion Cologne Bottle

This black Avon cat bottle was originally filled with Cotillion Cologne.

The head is plastic but the body of the cat is made of sparkling black glass.

The bottle is about 4-1/2 inches by 2 inches tall.

1971 Avon Ming Cat Bottle Made in 1971 this is the Avon Ming Cat Perfume Decanter.

Sparkling pure white, except for a blue floral design on the cat’s right shoulder.

The bottle is about 7-1/2 inches by 3 inches tall.

Avon Sweet Honesty bottle
Avon Sweet Honesty Bottle Label
This detailed “Sweet Honesty” cologne bottle features a pretty white cat with sparkling blue eyes and a gold collar.

Tap or click on the pictures below for eBay listings for more information about that product.

Dolls Cats Tiffany Pitcher Bells Horse Thermos Queen Pipe Decanters

Trivia: Avon has been in business since 1886.

Cologne Lot of 27 w/ After Shave, Candles, Box, Bear, Bird, Rose, Cat, Pole

Lot of 13 Perfume Cologne Bottles 6 Empty 7 Partial Shoe Cat Car Angel

Lot of 12 Perfume Cologne Bottles 2 Empty 10 Partial Cat Car Dog Tree Bee

Trivia: Avon sells four lipsticks every second.

Vintage Black Cat Empty Glass Cologne Bottle Plastic Head with Gold Collar

Vintage Cats on Glass – See Pics


Vintage Beer Stein Jaguar Jungle Cat Panther Tiger Bar Lion Bottle Amazon


Vintage Ming Cat Moonwind Cologne 6 Fluid Ounce Bottle 90% Full

Vtg AVON Siamese Cat Bottle Blue Rhinestone Eyes Moonwind Perfume 90% Full

Alert: This listing disappears in less than 24 hours!

Vintage Black Cat Glass Figurine Perfume Bottle

Avon, Ming Cat Bird Of Paradise Cologne, I Box

Cologne Bottle White Long Haired Cat with Ball of Yarn – FREE Shipping!!!

Vintage 1960s Cologne Siamese Cat Bottle

vintage cat handled bottle cork kitty head feline black ceramic w/ extra head

Vtg 1970’s Disney Aristocat Duchess Cat Shampoo Collectible

Trivia: Avon is one of the most popular collectible in the world.

AVON Collectibles Cats and Kittens LOT perfume bottles-Yarn Ball Cuteness

Vintage Glass Sitting Cat Bottle Painted

Vintage Cat Cotillion Cologne Bottle Figurine 6″ Tall with Gem eyes

Ming Cat Bottle White Retro Milk Glass Moonwind Cologne Vintage 1971 #128

glass, cream-colored cat with new iridescent eyes

Glass Cat Empty Container for Bubble Bath over 7 inches high (5325)

Trivia: The fastest selling company product was outspoken perfume.

1970s White Cat Basket Birds of Paradise Bottle Retro Glass Vintage #129

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  1. Heather says:

    I had a beautiful set of 4 (if I am correct) porcelain cats that my Grandmother gave me. She was a huge Avon Lady for so many years. Sadly after a very abusive breakup they no longer beautiful, they are long long gone. I have randomly been checking different site for them but have only found 1 cat of the set. My Grandmother died shortly after this happened, someday I would love to replace them. I am a huge cat lover, and my Grandmother and I were so close. Funny how something so simple can hold such importance.

  2. patricia roberts says:

    I have a pair of cats that are 1991 collectibles bottom of them say source of f n e can you help me to see what they are worth

  3. maniratha Chhieng says:

    Dear Avon Collector:

    I have collected some Avon items and I will be continued buying more Avon Collectable perfumed bottles such as animal, car, and doll etc. but I would like to sell on the internet like you, how would I start? Please respond soon, thank you so much.

    Truly yours,

    Mani Chhieng

  4. charlotte says:

    my cat bottle is like the first one on top with gold collar but has Here’s MY Heart in it was wondering when it was made,,,what year,,,

  5. joyce says:

    I have the cat bottle that is on the top of the page, the perfume was Cotillion, my favorite. It has a gold( yellow) collar.

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