Avon Cape Cod Glass Pedestal Cake Plate

Avon 1987 Cape Cod Glass Cake Plate
The Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Pedestal Cake Plate.

This lovely addition to your home measures almost 11 inches in diameter and 3-1/2 inches in height.

I have a pedestal cake plate in my home. It is a very beautiful piece of art always on display, and it works wonderfully on special occasions to wow the guests when something is served on it.

The cake plate is often packaged and sold with a dessert server as shown in this picture:

Avon 1876 Cape Cod Glass Dessert Server

The most common prices we have seen are between $30 and $70 just for the cake plate. However, we have also seen it sold for up to $100. At times, these beautiful and large items can be hard to find.

Many different variables of course come into play and will have a significant impact on the price, such as the condition of the item, reputation of the seller, the need to absolutely have the item, the time of the year (such as Christmas), whether an original Avon box is included, etc.

Cape Cod ruby red Lot 12 pc napkin ring, butter dish, cake knife, gravy bo

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1876 Cape Cod collection Ruby Red Pedestal Cake Plate

1876 Cape Cod Collection Ruby Red Footed Pedestal Cake Stand Plate

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  1. roger lloyd says:

    In 1976 I purchased a large Avon 1876 Collection Ruby Red Pedestal Compote Dish used for serving. I have someone interested in purchasing this item along with other pieces from the collection. However, I can’t seem to locate the compote dish on any website to price it accordingly. Please help. Thank you.

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