Avon Beer Stein

Avon Beer Stein

Avon Beer Stein

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Avon has made numerous beer steins over the years – although fairly recently in company history. The first Avon beer steins were made in 1976.

A beer stein, the wording based on a German term, is a traditional beer mug made out of stoneware. A beer stein may also be an ornamental beer mug typically sold as a collectible or souvenir.

Avon beer steins are mostly ceramic. Some Avon beer steins were originally sold just as a stein. Others originally came with cologne.

Some steins are of a general nature. Other steins created by Avon have a specific theme. Avon collectors can try and collect them all – or try and collect all of a certain theme.

Collector’s Tips:

Most Avon beer steins generally included a certificate of authority when first made. There is more value if your stein still has this certificate.

Limited production Avon beer steins will have a serial number imprinted on the bottom of the stein.

If the stein is still in the original box or packaging, it will be worth more.

Awesome Vintage AVON Lidded Steins ” 1976 -2001 ” In Great Shape

Star Wars ‘A New Hope’ Limited Number Collectors Ceramic Stein by With COA

Star Wars ‘A New Hope’ Limited Number Collectors Ceramic Stein with COA

1978 Antiques Hunting and Fishing Stein 163341 Excellent without box

Trivia: Avon began as the California Perfume Company.

Millennium 1000 Years of History Collectors Ceramic Stein by Made in Brazil

1989 Racing Car Stein 291025 Has paperwork Excellent without box

Trivia: The name Avon was inspired by Shakespeare’s Stratford on Avon.

Star Wars Trilogy Lidded Beer Stein Drinking Mug Cup Ceramic 1998 NEW

Flying Aircraft Airplanes Classics Lidded Ceramic Stein 1981 Brazil NIB

Trivia: Avon began as the California Perfume Company.

Western Horse Round UP Cowboy Wild Country Cologne Ceramic Stein 1980 NIB

Vintage Locomotive Train Railway Iron Horse Lidded Ceramic Stein 1982 NIB

Sporting Hunt & Fishing Bird Dog Ceramic Stein Decanter 1978 NIB

Trivia: Avon sells four lipsticks every second.

Antique Model T Car Classics Ceramic Stein Trazarra Cologne 1979 NIB

High Relief Racing Car Commemorative 9″ Stein 1989 NIB Very Decorative

1991 Conquest of Space Stein Mint Condition Number 128067 without box

Alert: This listing disappears in less than 24 hours!

1989 ” Racing Car Stein” C(A)

Trivia: Avon has an astounding 90% name recognition.

1998 MIB Star Wars A New Hope Ceramic Limited Edition Stein Collectible

1991 Conquest of Space Stein Mint Condition Number 112072 with Box New

AVON STEINS 9 qty 6 LARGE 3 SMALL Western Round Up Tall Ships Planes Football

AVON 2002 NYC Commerative Octoberfest Mug Stein handcrafted in Brazil 12915

1991 “Conquest of Space Stein” C(A)

Beer Stein #128986 Handcrafted in Brazil 1980 Ceramarte Exclusive for Avon

Star Wars Stein 2 A New Hope & The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywaker Darth Vadar

3 Beer Stein Mugs

AVON American Eagle Tankard NEW

1992 Endangered Species Stein Set. All six are in terrific condition

Millennium 1000 Years of History Collector’s Stein NIB Drinking Mug

Vintage Corgi Diecast VW Volkswagen Polo #289 NIB 1976

Great American Football Ceramic Beer Drinking Stein 1983 NIB

VINTAGE Lot Of 4 NEW AVON Caramente Beer Stein Set, 1977,78,79, 89 Fire Fighter

“Wildlife” collectable beer stein

1998 Stein “America The Beautiful” w/Statue of Liberty & Twin Towers 2/COA

– Conquest of Space Beer Stein – 1991 – #36392

Trivia: Avon is the world’s largest direct selling company.

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1994 Avon Country Western Music Stein

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1992 Avon Christopher Columbus New World Stein

1991 Avon Conquest of Space Stein

1990 Avon Freshwater Fishing Stein

1989 Avon Racing Car Stein

1988 Avon Ducks in the American Wilderness Stein

1987 Avon Gold Rush Stein

1986 Avon Shipbuilder Stein

1985 Avon Blacksmith Stein

1984 Avon Baseball Stein

1983 Avon Football Stein

1982 Avon Railroad Engines Stein

1981 Avon History of Aviation Stein

1980 Avon Cattle Drive Stein

1977 Avon Sailing Ships Stein

89 Responses to “Avon Beer Stein”
  1. Doug says:

    I have the following steins for sale:
    1 – 1977 Wild Country (Alaskan Moose, Bighorn sheep, Falcon, Rocky Mountain goat, Condor, Golden Eagle) in box. (No styrofoam)
    1 – 1978 Car Classic – in box.
    1 – 1978 Sports Decanter (The Strike…Rainbow trout, At point… English setter), in box.
    1 – 1978 Tall Ships in box.
    1 – 1981 Cattle Drive,Stage Coach, Roping, Chuck wagonHorses (
    1 – 1982 History of Aviation (no box)
    1 – 1983 History of Locomotives (no box)
    1 – 1984 Great American Football (no box)
    1 – 1985 History of Baseball (no box)

  2. Bill Ford says:

    I have 37 steins dating from 1977 to 2008.and 5 small cups 1983 up. I do have a 1979. Would like sell all of them, none in boxes. Some still have the product inside.

  3. john says:

    I have Avon beer steins in original boxes from 1976 til 1999 willing to sell al of them.

  4. Kathy says:

    Hi. I have a 1976 Avon beer stein made in Brazil # 567520. This one has Bighorn Sheep, Alaskan Moose, Falcon, Rocky Mountain Goat, Condor, & Golden Eagle on it. I do not have the box but would like to sell it. I am taking offers. Please email me if you are interested at kathy.legg0813@att.net

  5. tiffanie says:

    I have several avon steins and other collectibles I am wanting to sell tiffaniem1983@gmail.com

  6. Marjorie says:

    I have 4 Avon Beer Steins , no packages, all made in Brazil. #72106 made in 1979 has model T- Ford, 1911 Stanley Steamer,1927 Bugatti pictures. # 199184 made in 1978 .and #051343 made in 1976, has Alaska moose and Big horn Sheep and the last one #54182 made in 1980 has a chuck wagon on it. Want to sell them if anyone is interested . I have no clue what to ask for them.

    you may email me msmuggins@earthlink.net Margie

  7. Tony salinas says:

    I hv several beer steins but came across my first avon stien. seems to be a metal overlay of a english mideveil time period. as i am looking through the bottom it says AVON and then a 3 inside of a circle. does anyone know abt this one?

  8. Liz Walker says:

    I have Avon steins from 1976 to 1998. I am missing a couple but otherwise all there in boxes. I am interested in selling the entire set. Thanks

  9. Bev says:

    I have 2 Avon Steins 1976 and 1977 both numbered and made in Brazil. I cannot find any information on the 1976 #151880. The 1977 Sailing ships # 98952 seems to be pretty common. Any information is appreciated. Thank you

  10. Bill Foster says:

    Hi I have couple of beer steins .Both have numbers on them .The first ones is a-19309 made in brazil.The other ones a-09631.also made in brazil.can you please tell me if the are worth money.IF not I will throw them in the bin

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