Avon Advertising

Avon Ad Sampler

Avon Ad Sampler

Avon Ads make great collectibles.

Do you remember when …. ?

Wonderful ads from a time gone by. Make sure you get a little bit of history with your Avon ad collection.

Avon talcum powder tin

This vintage American Ideal Talcum Powder tin sold for $329. The California Perfume Company was the original name for Avon, which means this tin dates from no later than the 1930s. “PAT Dec. 17, 1901” is stated on the side of the tin. It measures about five inches in height and about three inches in width. Each side has an embossed lithograph picture of a woman to promote the product.

VINTAGE Advertising Tin Sign AVON CYCLE Rare Not Porcelain CIRCA 1960’S


RARE Bear Cookie Jar BLUE Not RED Very Few Made District Mangers ONLY

CIRCA 1960’S AVON CYCLE VINTAGE Advertising Tin Sign Rare Not Porcelain

Tires PVC Vinyl Banner Sign Garage Workshop Track Advertisement

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Products Color Catalog–1936–SPECTACULAR–RARE

Pre- California Perfume Company Tins Jack & Jill Jungle Jinks 1920s CPC

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Antique Coca Cola Glass Bottle Soda Water Park FL Patent No.49729 8″

Trivia: Avon has been in business since 1886.


California Perfume Company Catalog 1924 Early Color Plate Antique Perfume

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1972 NATIONAL AVON SHOW pocket mirror *

Buttons, Pins, Badges, And Awards

ViNtAge 1935 Perfection California Perfume Co full color Catalog original!

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  1. J. Heinz says:

    I have an etched, Avon cosmetics 100 year commemorative wall mirror measuring 13″ X 17″ and (factory) gold framed (think Hollywood Regency style). It has a large etched Victorian full body woman cameo with the words AVON under her, and then 1886-1986 (all etched as well). It was made by Sales Guides, Inc. out of Mequon, WI. Has anyone seen one like it around? And would something like this have been for internal company use or maybe an award given? I can’t seem to find anything about wall mirrors. Thanks in advance for any enlightment you have to offer 🙂

  2. kay naves says:

    Please if anuone has the pink and black love purse or tote mynumber is 352 702 5835 Thank you I want one please let me know where to et it anthe price

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